Minute of Meeting of 16 May 2017

Kalewater Community Council

Minute of Meeting on Tuesday 16 May 2017

In the Village Institute, Morebattle

Present: Community Councillors; Barbara Bell (Chair), Caroline Lang, Catherine Mabon, Michael Scott (Secretary), Andrew McEwan, Tom Edgar, Tamzin Thomas, Roderick Murray (Vice-Chair), Neil Thomson.

SBC Councillor Simon Mountford.

Public: 1





Matilda Hall (Treasurer).



Minutes of Previous Meeting of 18 April 2017

The minutes of the previous meeting of 18 April having been circulated were passed as a true record of events.

Proposed: Cllr McEwan; Seconded: Cllr. Mabon







Matters Arising from Actions 18 April 2017

Morebattle Street Trees

SBC Cllr Mountford to progress issue.

SBC Cllr Mountford



Minor Public Road near Old Caverton - Caverton Mains

SBC Cllr Mountford reported that a work order had been issued by SBC. Cllr Thomson was pleased at outcome.



Morebattle Cemetery Lairs

SBC Cllr Mountford reported that there were 30 lairs left but no advance purchase. Current rate is 1 lair/year.



Signage at Tofts bridge over the Kale Water

Secretary read email response from SBC Officer Brian Young. ‘’The signing in place is in line with national guidance on the subject and very much what I would expect at a location such as this (see photos attached). An obvious alternative would be to give priority to one direction of traffic over the other (such as is in place at Nenthorn Bridge on the A6089) but that requires inter-visibility between oncoming vehicles that is not sufficiently present here.

The Council’s database does not reveal an accident record at the location; with no reported personal injury accidents at the bridge over the last 10+ years (our data covers January 2006 to November 2016). Please note that the Council only receives details of injury accidents from Police Scotland. Inevitably there will be occasions when two vehicles meet on the bridge or its approaches. Although not ideal, this situation is not uncommon on rural roads. The signing in place at this location; the proximity of the junction; and the predominantly local nature of traffic should also mean that speeds are relatively low. This coupled with the lack of an accident record makes it difficult to promote any further measures at this time.




SBC Cllr Mountford noted that repairs may be carried out. More details to follow.



Kelso Laddie/Jethart Callant visit, 18 June 2017

Chair read out letter form representative of Jethart Callant.

SBC Cllr Mountford happy to act as ‘master of ceremonies. He would contact a potential speaker. The speaker does not receive expenses or fees.

Chair to speak to the trailer supplier, and to the appropriate people for sound equipment and steps.

Cllr Mabon noted that the dancers were being organised already.

The Festival organisers are responsible for wreaths, horse parking, police and First Aid.

The bands are the Jed Silver Band and the Kelso Pipe Band.

The community council funds the refreshments and food, served in the Institute. Cllr Mabon was recruiting volunteers for production of scones, sandwiches, traybakes, biscuits and cakes as well as for tasks on the day of the event.

The chip van and ice cream van make their own arrangements to attend.

Chair read out the two sets of invites:

Kelso Festival; 19 July 2017 bussing in Kelso then to Springwood Hall. Ball on 20 July 2017. Cllr Mabon was happy to attend the events on behalf of Kalewater CC.

Jethart Callant’s Festival; 6 July 2017 investiture. 7 July 2017 Ferniehurst. Cllr Lang was happy to attend the events on behalf of Kalewater CC.





SBC Cllr Mountford














Cllr Mabon








Cllr Mabon



Cllr Lang



·   Digital Skills/Training, SBC questionnaire, deadline 19 May 2017.

Secretary to respond.





Items for Circulation Folder

It was noted that Cllr Thomson still had the circulation folder.

·   The Great Get Together, 16-18 June 2017

·   Kelso Ward Police Reports, April 2017
Cllr Murray noted that the Police had revisited Mainsfield Avenue since recent damage to parked vehicles to show a visible presence.

·   Paths for All Community Grants

·   SBCCN Minutes, 22 March 2017


Cllr Thomson







Planning Application 17/00682/FUL Beirhope Farm

Change of use from steading building and alterations to form walkers hostel

Cllr Thomson noted that the surrounding farmland was being planted up as part of a woodland creation project.

Cllr Edgar noted that the site was known to flood.

Chair asked for responses in advance of the 13 June consultation deadline












Morebattle Public Toilets

SBC has confirmed that the toilets would remain free to use.



Kalewater CC vacancies

Cllr Murray suggested that he may be able to find co-optees to fill the vacancies. Chair noted that there was a lack of representation from Hownam.



Cllr Murray


Area Forum

SBC Cllr Mountford noted that the new Council administration will refresh arrangements for Area Forums in line with the participatory budgeting aspects of the Community Empowerment Act. Community groups are expected to bid for the available funds. Kalewater CC could expect to send a regular delegate to the bi-monthly meetings in Jedburgh and Kelso. SBC Cllr Mountford to email details to Chair.







SBC Cllr Mountford


Scottish Borders Local Development Plan

SBC Cllr Mountford asked the community council to consider options ASAP. Play equipment had been suggested.



Items for Next Meeting Agenda

Ideas for Local Development Plan (Cllr Murray to look into play equipment).



Next Meeting

7pm, Tuesday 20 June 2017, Village Institute, Morebattle.







  • Tuesday, 17 October 2017

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