Around The Village

At one time threatened with closure, along with the Post Office which was housed in it, the shop at the time of writing (September 2012) is again flourishing under the ownership and management of Mrs Anne Brown

This fine building, disused as a church for 50 years, was roughly adapted for use as a bus depot and then a heavy haulage firm’s yard.

An Illustrated Information Board about the district has been installed in the centre of the village.

This well-maintained stone monument bears the names of all the men of the parish who lost their lives in the two World Wars.

This tree at the centre of the village marks an ancient tradition, when the Border towns appointed a champion to ride the boundaries of their territories, at the head of a band of horsemen.

The Minister is the Rev Robin McHaffie, whose charge also includes Linton, Yetholm and Hownam.

The Village Institute was the former school, in the centre of the village.

Morebattle Primary School has 56 pupils at present, with four teachers.

Robert Davidson, known as 'The Morebattle Poet', had been largely forgotten until recently.

Morebattle Village hall has a long tradition of providing a facility that suits all kinds of activities.