The Trysting Tree

This tree at the centre of the village marks an ancient tradition, when the Border towns appointed a champion to ride the boundaries of their territories, at the head of a band of horsemen. They had different names in different towns; in Kelso it is the Laddie, in Jedburgh it is the Callant.

Morebattle lies between the territories of Kelso and Jedburgh and their bands must have met here in times past.

In modern times the custom has been for the ‘Kelsae Laddie’ and the ‘Jeddart Callant’ to ride outt at the end of June and meet at the Trysting Tree, each followed by numbers of riders of all ages.

Nowadays the meeting is the occasion for speeches by the two champions and local dignitaries, followed by music and reels danced on a movable platform. The Last Post is sounded at the War Memorial