Minute of Meeting of 18 July 2017

Kalewater Community Council

Minute of Meeting on Tuesday 18 July 2017

In the Village Institute, Morebattle

Present: Community Councillors; Barbara Bell (Chair), Catherine Mabon, Michael Scott (Secretary), Matilda Hall (Treasurer), Andrew McEwan, Neil Thomson, Caroline Lang, Roderick Murray (Vice-Chair).

SBC Councillor Simon Mountford.

Public: 1




Apologies Community Councillors; Tamzin Thomas

Not present Community Councillor Tom Edgar.



Minutes of Monthly Meeting of 20 June 2017

The minutes of 20 June having been circulated were passed as a true record of events, subject to 3 minor amendments.

Proposed: Cllr Hall; Seconded: Cllr. Murray







Matters Arising from Actions 20 June 2017

Morebattle Street Trees

It was agreed that the trees were on private land, following a query to Scottish Borders Council. As a result no public money from the Council could be spent on their maintenance.

Chair to look into the situation further.








Cheviot Area Forum

Chair had attended recent meeting and information was added to this month’s Circulation folder.



Scottish Borders Local Development Plan

Chair had received a call for sites from SBC. Added to Circulation folder.



Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer tabled new accounts for 2016/17 with clearer information of how funds had been allocated. Cllr Mabon requested that more detail was still required in respect of monies allocated for the 2016 Christmas lights before the accounts could be submitted to Rennie Welch.

Treasurer to present amended accounts for September meeting.

Treasurer noted that until new account signatories are cleared by the bank, no payments can be made









Morebattle Primary School Parent Council request

Chair tabled request from the school Parent Council asking for a contribution toward the purchase of a new shelter once the design had been confirmed.

It was agreed that the community council would consider the request once a costed design was made available. Cllr Murray noted that the school had two plans but was likely to progress the larger proposal.

Cllr Murray to liaise with the school Parent Council.








Cllr Murray


Planning Applications

17/00861/LBC Hauliers Garage, Main Street, Morebattle TD5 8QQ Internal and external alterations

17/00862/FUL Change of use from haulage yard and alterations to form cafe/office with associated facilities and erection of all ability access ramp

Community councillors Bell and Hall left the meeting during discussion due to their involvement with the application.

There was near-unanimous support for the application.

Secretary to indicate support to SBC Regulatory Services.












Village Noticeboard

Cllr Murray hadn’t yet found a key for the noticeboard. Ongoing.


Cllr Murray


Induction Loop

Chair to bring literature along to September meeting.




Church of Scotland newsletter

Cllr Mabon to add generic KCC office-holder email addresses to the next September issue of the newsletter.




·   Borders Transport Corridors Study - Pre-Appraisal Survey Invite.
Chair to email community councillors with survey questions.

·   Scottish Borders Council Works Programme – Cheviot 2017/18
Programme includes road work at Otterburn, Linton Kirk and Cessford and river protection at Heavyside Bridge.





Items for Circulation Folder

·   Kelso Ward Police Reports, June 2017

·   Borders Buses and Perryman’s Buses merge as one brand

·   Campaign for Border Rail: Summary Case For A New Cross-Border Rail Link

·   SBC Trusts re-organisation meeting, 12 June 2017
Chair attended and reported that it had been ‘positive’. Proposals included incorporating the Walter Leitch Trust into a new region-wide Education Trust. Some concern had been expressed that the monies would be less available to the original area specified by the WL Trust.
SBC Cllr Mountford updated: a SBC officer has established contact with Walter Leitch trustees in Australia and a meeting will be arranged with Kalewater CC. SBC Legal section has no record of the original documents and it is hoped that the trustees can supply a copy in order that various issues can be resolved. More information at future community council meetings.

















SBC Cllr Mountford




Grubbit Bridge road signs

A new sign warning of double bends has been installed at the bridge and ‘slow’ road markings added.



Local Path Grant 2017/18

Former KCC Chair to be approached to ask if he would like to continue voluntary strimming duties.

Re. the new path on the E. approach to Morebattle, gates to be supplied by SBC and installed by the landowner.

A SBC Access officer will check the eroded section of path by the river.

Cllr Hall to discuss signage – the route is a RoW but not a Core Path.








Cllr Hall


Dogs on school grounds

Cllr Murray reported that dogwalkers were using part of the school grounds to exercise their pets and that it was an undesirable activity on ground used by the schoolchildren.

SBC Cllr Mountford noted that SBC had funded fencing at Yetholm PS to stop dogs gaining access. Cllrs McEwan and Lang queried the extent of the school grounds.

SBC Cllr Mountfiord to investigate further.








SBC Cllr Mountford


Items for Next Meeting Agenda




Next Meeting

7pm, Tuesday 19 September 2017, Village Institute, Morebattle.

There is no August meeting.







  • Tuesday, 17 October 2017

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