Minute of Annual General Meeting 21 May 2013

Kalewater Community Council


Minute of Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 21 May 2013

In the Village Institute, Morebattle

Present:  Community Councillors; Eric McNulty, Helen Cessford, Michael Scott, Richard Pedersen, Paul Grime, Andrew McEwan, Sarah Dixon, Matilda Hall.
SBC Cllr Simon Mountford.





Community Councillors George Aitchison and Dot Hall; SBC Councillor Alec Nicol.



Minutes of Previous Annual General Meeting

Following amendment of a reference to SBC Cllr Mountford to SBC Cllr Nicol the minutes of the previous annual general meeting of 15 May 2012 having been circulated, were passed as a true record of events.

Proposed: Cllr Hall; Seconded: Cllr McEwan.




Matters Arising





Chair’s Report on Community Council activity since AGM 15 May 2012

In the tradition of the past few years I would like to thank all the councillors for their attendance and hard work during the last year and highlight some of the changes and events that have occurred in the last year.

 I would like to start by mentioning again the sad loss of Margaret Lister to a long term illness, Margaret served this Community Council for several years as treasurer and councillor and always kept us right regards finance.  I would also like to thank councillor Hall for stepping in as treasurer for the rest of the year as this is an important role within this council.

Let’s go back to June 2012 when the Community Council and helpers hosted the annual visit from the Kelso Laddie and Jethart Callant along with their many respective followers. Although everything went well on the day I do have concerns for this and future years as we need to look at how we organise and manage this event because we were down on the number of volunteers required but councillor Cessford and the volunteers who helped out on the day deserve our thanks for making the event run smoothly.

After years of waiting we finally have a very well constructed interpretation board which  allows locals and visitors alike to learn about local landmarks and history thanks to all the councillors who helped bring the project together.

Next I move onto Morebattle in Bloom 2012 which where we kept up the tradition of the last few years in receiving a Second Prize award in a section that had several new strong entrants.

During the summer the community council along with others from within the community organised a street party to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee which went well considering the dreadful summer weather.

Following on from recent years xmas lights were strung over the cherry tree and round the Village Institute roof giving a wonderful display and thanks goes to Colin Flanagan  for hanging and taking down of the lights.

The continuing saga which is the Whitton edge Wind farm has taken a couple of turns in the last year the first being the removal of one turbine and relocation of another a move brought on by the continuing objection to the location of the wind farm as being within the radius of a ground listening station and possibly interfering with the delicate symmetric equipment.  The second turn follows on from the removal of the aforementioned objection being a revised planning application and consultation period which is still ongoing and a planning decision is expected soon

In past years we have attempted to produce a community action plan but were unable to raise the funds required to employ experts in this field and this is something we will need to look at again soon.

The Village Website is up and running again and thanks goes to councillor McEwan for his dedicated time in achieving this and to all those who have submitted information for content.

In the latter part of 2012 we were approached by Scottish Borders Council by way of a presentation around the setting up of a Community Resilience  emergency register which would be used to respond to emergency situations  particularly weather related utilising local knowledge and skills but not substituting for existing emergency services.  When we discussed this proposal it was decided to split our Community Council area into 3 separate registers with 3 coordinators as it was felt that a single register might not serve our needs due to the widespread locality and different needs of our community.

In amongst the ever increasing communications we receive each month there have been in the last couple of years some very large but important consultation documents sometimes requiring a very quick response I do wonder how we are expected to complete these lengthy questionnaires along with the other monthly business.  Having volunteered to respond to some of these consultation papers out- with the monthly meeting it can take several hours to first read and absorb the documents, then complete the response sheet  We may have to look at a different method for our responses to these consultations in the coming year.

Finally as always thanks for making this role easier for me as we are never short of volunteers to take on the various tasks that come our way throughout the year. 

Thank you all.

Eric Mc Nulty


Kalewater Community Council



Treasurer’s Report inc. approval of annual abstract of accounts

The Treasurer tabled the official audited Accounts for 1 April 2012 to 31 March 2013 and a statement of receipts and payments for the same period. Copies of the papers were circulated amongst the councillors.

The book account stood at £151.02, the playing field account at £510.29 and the balance in the Special Interest account was £625.49.

The Community Council’s main source of income came from the annual population-based grant from Scottish Borders Council.

Approval of the Annual Abstract of Accounts

Proposed: Cllr Grime, Seconded: Cllr Cessford.

The community council expressed its gratitude to auditors Rennie Welch.









SBC Cllr Simon Mountford took over the chair and thanked the community councillors and the Chair.


Community Councillors

With one councillor, Eric McNulty reaching the end of his 4-year tenure, one co-opted member, Dot Halliday and one vacancy there were a total of 4 vacancies and 2 nominations.

Completed nomination forms were received for Eric McNulty and Dot Halliday. No elections were required. Two vacancies remain of the 12 positions.

Kalewater Community Council Members (10/12 spaces filled):

Cllrs: Matilda Hall, Eric McNulty, Andrew McEwan, Helen Cessford, Michael Scott, Paul Grime, Dot Halliday, George Aitchison, Sarah Dixon, Richard Pedersen.

Office Bearers

SBC Cllr Mountford thanked the previous office-bearers for their work during the past 12 months and asked for nominations.

Chair: Eric McNulty; Proposed: Cllr Hall, Seconded: Cllr McEwan

Secretary: Michael Scott, Proposed:Cllr McNulty, Seconded: Cllr Cessford

Treasurer: Matilda Hall; Proposed: Cllr McNulty, Seconded: Cllr Scott

Vice-Chair: Helen Cessford; Proposed: Cllr Hall, Seconded: Cllr Scott

SBC Cllr Mountford passed the chairing of the meeting back to Cllr McNulty.

Cllr Hall was keen to see a representative from Linton. Cllr McEwan will contact a Linton resident.































Cllr McEwan


Appointment of Auditors

Rennie Welch (George Young) were appointed as auditors for the next 12 months.



Agreement to abide by Scottish Borders Council Code of Conduct for Community Councils

Kalewater Community Councillors agreed to abide by the SBC Code of Conduct.




None raised. Meeting ended 7.35pm.






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