Minute of Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 15 May 2012

Kalewater Community Council


Minute of Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 15 May 2012

In the Village Institute, Morebattle


Present:  Community Councillors; Eric McNulty, Margaret Lister, Helen Cessford, Michael Scott, Richard Pedersen, Paul Grime, Andrew McEwan, Sarah Dixon, Matilda Hall.
SBC Cllr Simon Mountford.






Community Councillor George Aitchison; SBC Councillor Alec Nicol



Minutes of Previous Annual General Meeting

The minutes of the previous annual general meeting of 17 May 2011 having been circulated, were passed as a true record of events.

Proposed: Cllr Lister; Seconded: Cllr Grime.




Matters Arising





Chair’s Report on Community Council activity since AGM 17 May 2011

In the tradition of the past few years I would like to thank all the councillors for their attendance and hard work during the last year some of which will be highlighted in this yearly report.


Let’s go back to June 2011 when on the Community Council and helpers hosted the annual visit from the Kelso Laddie and Jethart Callant along with their many respective followers. With good organisation all went to plan even although we had to cater for an extra unannounced Pipe band.


Next I move onto Morebattle in Bloom 2011 which was going to be a difficult challenge from the outset as we were in the Champions category but considering the difficult weather conditions for most of the summer the display with some newly added features was up to our usual high standards and merited the Highly Commended award given.


After some discussion in the Autumn it was decided not to purchase a Christmas tree but instead buy extra lights to hang round the exterior of the Village Institute and as the year before hang the existing lights on the Cherry Tree in the Institute grounds.  Low energy LED lights were purchased and gave an excellent display over the festive period. 


After many years of stop-starts we will in the very near future have our new Interpretation Board which will give visitors to our community an insight into some of the local history and places of interest, our thanks must go to the excellent work done by councillors and others over the last year or so to get the project finished. 


There is still no resolution to the long awaited decision on the planning application for the Whitton Edge windfarm but during the year we have been involved in discussions with Vattenfall Wind focused mainly around the Memorandum of Understanding agreement between the Community Council and Vattenfall Wind Power. There was also a public meeting organised to make the community aware of the current position.


The proposed Community Action plan has unfortunately not progressed as we would have liked due to funding problems but it is hoped that it will be back on track soon.


The Village Website is now progressing well and should give the world another insight into our community.


As we came to the end of the year the focus has moved to the upcoming Queens Diamond Jubilee celebrations with plans now well advanced for the street party and associated events.


I have touched on the larger items on our yearly agendas but let’s not forget all the other routine tasks that come up and are dealt with from road repairs to letter writing.


And finally I have to mention again the versatility within this council in getting the varied tasks completed from written or electronic communications, arranging meetings and events, printing and delivering flyers, arranging project finance, all done within the expected timescales.


Thank you all.


Eric Mc Nulty


Kalewater Community Council



Treasurer’s Report inc. approval of annual abstract of accounts

The Treasurer tabled the official audited Accounts for 1 April 2011 to 31 March 2012 and a statement of receipts and payments for the same period. Copies of the papers were circulated amongst the councillors.


There was no activity in either the book account or the playing field account and the balance in the Special Interest account was £288.33. Total assets excluding the annual grant were £934.60.


The Community Council’s main source of income came from the annual population-based grant from Scottish Borders Council.


Approval of the Annual Abstract of Accounts

Proposed: Cllr Scott, Seconded: Cllr Cessford.









SBC Cllr Simon Mountford took over the chair and thanked the community councillors.


Community Councillors

The following councillors reached the end of their 4-year tenure: Cllrs Hall and Scott.


Completed nomination forms were received for Michael Scott, Matilda Hall and Richard Pedersen. No elections were required.


Kalewater Community Council Members (10/12 spaces filled):

Cllrs: Matilda Hall, Eric McNulty, Andrew McEwan, Helen Cessford, Michael Scott, Paul Grime, Margaret Lister, George Aitchison, Sarah Dixon, Richard Pedersen.


Office Bearers

SBC Cllr Mountford thanked the previous office-bearers for their work during the past 12 months and asked for nominations.


Chair: Eric McNulty; Proposed: Cllr McEwan, Seconded: Cllr Hall

Secretary: Michael Scott, Proposed:Cllr Grime, Seconded: Cllr Cessford

Treasurer: Margaret Lister; Proposed: Cllr McNulty, Seconded: Cllr Scott

Vice-Chair: Helen Cessford; Proposed: Cllr Hall, Seconded: Cllr Lister


SBC Cllr Mountford passed the chairing of the meeting back to Cllr McNulty.



















Appointment of Auditors

Rennie Welch (George Young) were appointed as auditors for the next 12 months.



Agreement to abide by Scottish Borders Council Code of Conduct for Community Councils

Kalewater Community Councillors agreed to abide by the SBC Code of Conduct.




None raised. Meeting ended 7.20pm.






  • Tuesday, 15 May 2012

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