Minute of Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 18 May 2010

Kalewater Community Council


Minute of Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 18 May 2010

In the Village Institute, Morebattle

Present:  Community Councillors; Eric McNulty, Helen Cessford, Michael Scott, Keith Hanson, Cathy Mabon, Margaret Lister, George Aitchison, Margaret Blackmore, Andrew McEwan, Sarah Dixon, SBC Cllr Alec Nicol

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Community Councillors; Matilda Hall, Barbara Jackson, Peter Tweedie,



Minutes of Previous Annual General Meeting

The minutes of the previous annual general meeting of 19 May 2009 having been circulated, were passed as a true record of events.

Proposed: Cllr Lister; Seconded: Cllr Hanson.



Matters Arising





Chair’s Report on Community Council activity since AGM 19 May 2009

I would like to start my annual report by thanking all the councillors who have attended and participated in our monthly meetings and to those who are standing down, for their input and attendance over the last few years and also those who have elected to join us in the last year and thanks to Michael and Margaret for keeping our agendas and finances in order. I will now continue by reviewing the regular activities that councillors have been involved in and then the new challenges encountered this year.

  • Many thanks must again go to the councillors and others who gave an excellent welcome on behalf of our community to the Kelso Laddie and Jehtart Callant and their followers who met here on Sunday 21st June 2009 from the organisation of the local dancers to the teas provided in the institute.
  • The Morebattle in Bloom committee sustained the achievements of the last few years by receiving a Highly Commended award in the 2009 competition where they were pitched in with all the category winners from 2008. This feat was achieved by the dedicated work of the committee and other volunteers young and old from within the community.  In the 2010 competition the village will be entered into the Wee Village category as before and will again be difficult to beat.
  • The 2009 Christmas tree which was obtained from Community Council funds was a success in some but not in others. The tree was for the first time slotted into a purpose built hole or tube concreted into the grounds of the Village Institute also provided from Community Council Funds which was a great success. The switching on of the lights was marred by poor weather but went ahead as usual but new lights will have to be purchased this year as the display was spoiled by the number of bulbs that failed during the festive period.
  • The Morebattle.com website has encountered some problems of late during the migration to a newer and better platform but it is hoped to be up and running in the next few months.
  • The Village interpretation board is still progressing slowly with continuing discussion regards content.
  • The ongoing issues regards the hardwood trees planted as a screening hedge next to the village graveyard has improved over the last few months with the owner finally after persistent communications from several sources reducing the height and width of the hedge, but the site will need constant monitoring.
  • Following on from the loss of our full Post Office service there are great concerns around the replacement of the Public Phone box located in Main Street which was accidently damaged beyond repair in March but we are assured that a replacement will be in place soon.
  • During the worst winter weather for some years thanks must go to all those who kept our streets and roads clear and to Ann Brown for keeping the village shop so well stocked with essential items.
  • The proposed Whitton Wind Farm which is now in the final stages of the planning process has been a major item on the council agenda’s this year.  We submitted the most recent results of a consultation with our community, a wide ranging survey completed in 2006-07 which showed a majority in favour of the windfarm as a response to the proposed plans.  If the windfarm does go ahead the Community Council needs to become involved in the setting-up of a Community Fund which will be a source of funding for local community groups and other community projects.
  • Following on but looking forward now, during the many discussions we have had regards a Community Fund we also discussed the establishment of a Community Profile/Plan which would entail engagement with community groups and individuals to establish what services or amenities are required such as the proposed playing field upgrade in the coming few years.

In conclusion:

There have been many more items on the agenda’s over the past year and I’m sure there will be new and unexpected challenges in the coming year but as we will face up-to and deal with them as best we can.

Eric Mc Nulty


Kalewater Community Council



Treasurer’s Report

The Treasurer tabled Accounts for 1 April 2009 to 31 March 2010 and a statement of receipts and payments for the same period..

The Community Council’s main source of income came from the annual grant from Scottish Borders Council.

Approval of the Annual Statement of Accounts

Proposed: Cllr Cessford, Seconded: Cllr Blackmore.




Community Councillors

The following councillors reached the end of their tenure: Cllrs Hanson, Mabon, Jackson and Cessford.

Completed nomination forms were received for:

Helen Cessford, George Aitchison (previously co-opted member), Sarah Dixon (previously co-opted member), Paul Grime. No elections were required.

Kalewater Community Council Members:


Cllrs: Matilda Hall, Eric McNulty, Andrew McEwan, Helen Cessford, Michael Scott, Paul Grime, Margaret Lister, Margaret Blackmore, George Aitchison, Sarah Dixon.

Two spaces remain unfilled. Cllr Aitchison to contact Peter Tweedie to ask whether he wishes to re-apply to be a co-opted member.


Office Bearers

SBC Cllr Nicol took the Chair and in his role as Returning Officer thanked the previous office-bearers for their work during the past 12 months.

Cllr Nicol asked for nomination of office bearers:

Chair: Eric McNulty; Proposed: Cllr McEwan, Seconded: Cllr Cessford

Secretary: Michael Scott, Proposed:Cllr Lister, Seconded: Cllr McNulty

Treasurer: Margaret Lister; Proposed: Cllr Blackmore, Seconded: Cllr Scott

Vice-Chair: Helen Cessford; Proposed: Cllr Hanson, Seconded: Cllr Aitchison

SBC Cllr Nicol passed the chairing of the meeting back to Cllr McNulty.










                   Cllr Aitchison


Appointment of Auditors

It was noted that Rennie Welch have not charged the community council for their auditing services. Treasurer to send a letter of thanks to George Young.





Agreement to abide by Scottish Borders Council Code of Conduct for Community Councils

Kalewater Community Councillors agreed to abide by the SBC Code of Conduct (previously circulated), having noted SBC Community Engagement Officer, Clare Malster’s letter of 25 May that the annual grant would be issued following confirmation of agreement.




Cllr McEwan proposed a vote of thanks for the 4 office-bearers; Cllrs McNulty, Scott, Lister and Hanson.






  • Tuesday, 18 May 2010

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