Minute of Meeting of 15 October 2019

Kalewater Community Council

Minute of Meeting on Tuesday 15 October 2019

In the Village Institute, Morebattle

Present: Community Councillors; Barbara Bell (Chair), Michael Scott  (Secretary), Catherine Henderson, Tom Edgar, Caroline Lang, Tamzin Thomas.

SBC Councillor Simon Mountford.

Public: Nil




Apologies: Roddy Murray (Vice-Chair), Matilda Hall (Treasurer), Lesley Sunderland, Siusaidh Hall.



Minutes of Monthly Meeting of 17 September 2019

Proposed Cllr Bell, Seconded: Cllr. Thomas.

Cllr Lang noted that re. item 10a, that she had called Police.




Presentation from Police Officer Suzanne Howgego

Chair welcomed Suzanne to the meeting, which would be her final visit as she was about to retire from Police Service Scotland. Rachel Stark would take over her community role.

Suzanne noted that there had been few significant incidents recently. There had been reports of hare-coursing in some neighbouring areas and some repeat farm thefts.

Secretary to forward a poster for display in noticeboard.

Everyone thanked Suzanne for her work and wished her a happy retirement.










Presentation on 2019 Review of Community Councils from SBC Cllr Euan Robson

SBC Cllr Robson sits on the review committee. The last review was held in 2014.

Community councils operate under a national standard scheme with a local authority overlay, although SBC follows the national scheme very closely.

Community councils are being encouraged to send in any comments.

The next review committee meeting is late November. Questions:

·         Are CCs happy with their current boundaries?

·         Is the number of CC councillors adequate?

·         Should the membership of CCs be diversified?

·         Are co-option and election processes working?

·         Is the grant allocation from SBC appropriate? (In future SBC funding will come via the Area Partnerships for disbursement).

·         Are CC facilities appropriate and up to date?

·         Do CCs need IT resources?

·         Are insurance arrangements for CCs up to date and adequate?

Item for November agenda.
























Matters Arising from Actions 17 September 2019


Cllr Henderson had applied to SBC Community Grant Scheme but had been advised that the community council could only apply once (see item 5h). SBC Cllrs present were unaware of any rules around numbers of applications. Cllr Henderson to enquire further with SBC and cc to SBC Cllr Mountford.







Cllr Henderson


Scottish Water treatment works



SBC Cllr Mountford


Morebattle Facebook page

Cllr Henderson to join.




Morebattle Community land archaeological survey

SBC Cllr Mountford reported that the geophysics survey found something in the middle of the site and the SBC Archaeological Officer will decide on the next step.



BT phone boxes

Chair reported that BT would not allow the Morebattle kiosk to be taken over.

SBC Cllr Mountford reported that he had spoken to SBC Officer Douglas Scott re. BT phone boxes on St Cuthbert’s Way.

Secretary to write to SBC Chief Planning Officer Ian Aikman re. the value of BT boxes on SCW.









Walter Leitch Fund

Chair reported that there had been three applications this year. Sufficient funds remained to request interest from the three neighbouring high schools: Kelso, Jedburgh and Earlston. To discuss at next KCC meeting,







Morebattle Toilets

Cllr Sunderland had contacted SBC re. third party management of the toilets. Neither Kelso ward councillors present had any further information. A Community Asset Transfer could bring the toilets under Morebattle control, although CAT could be a long process. For November agenda to discuss approaching other community councils on SCW.









Defibrillators and Training

Cllr Murray to update the November meeting.

Chair has applied to SBC Community Grant Scheme for funding to replace units


Cllr Murray


Morebattle Main Street – shop access ramp

Secretary noted that no planning application had been made for the ramp and that Scottish Borders Council were apparently looking into the matter.



Scottish Borders Food Growing Strategy consultation

Secretary encouraged everyone to take part in the short online survey on the SBC website. The survey seemed more appropriate for individual participants rather than organisations.






Death Notice

The community council noted the recnt death of local landowner, the 10th Duke of Roxburghe.



Remembrance Sunday 2019, 11am 10 November

Cllr Hall has the wreaths. Cllr Murray has arranged for someone to lay the wreath. Cllr Edgar to contact Kelso High School re. a pupil to accompany the wreath layer.




Cllr Edgar


Christmas Lights

Responsibility for the lights and organising carols now lies outwith the community council.



BT Phone Boxes

No action at present - ongoing.







Items for Circulation Folder
Secretary apologised for not yet organising an email-based circulation system

·   Community Update: Recycling Centre winter hours and ‘Millions of Reasons to Recycle’
Secretary to circulate a poster.

·   Scottish Borders Food Growing Strategy consultation, deadline 16 October 2019

·   Kelso and District Police Report, September 2019

·   Community Council Scheme Review Working Group - Minute of Meeting 19 September 2019

·   Carers Event, Galashiels, 7 November 2019

·   Area Partnership/Community Fund focus groups

·   Scottish Borders Council, CCTV consultation, deadline 31 October 2019

·   VE Day 75: Information for community councils, 8-10 May 2020











Roaming Chippy

It was noted that the Roaming Chippy had ceased trading.





Items for Next Meeting Agenda

None raised.




Next Meeting

7pm, Tuesday 19 November 2019, Village Institute, Morebattle.



Signed:                                                            Date:

  • Sunday, 19 January 2020

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