Minute of Meeting of 17 November 2015

Kalewater Community Council

Minute of Meeting on Tuesday 17 November 2015

In the Village Institute, Morebattle

Present: Community Councillors; Eric McNulty (Chair), Pat Mileham, Matilda Hall (Treasurer), Andrew McEwan, Barbara Bell, Dot Halliday (Vice-Chair), Catherine Mabon (Secretary for the meeting), Tom Edgar.

SBC Councillor: Alec Nicol.

Public: Nil





Community councillors; Michael Scott, Richard Pedersen.

SBC Councillor; Simon Mountford.

Not Present: Community councillor; Neil Thomson.



Minutes of Previous Meeting of 20 October 2015

The minutes of the previous meeting of 20 October having been circulated were passed as a true record of events.

Proposed: Cllr Hall; Seconded: Cllr. Mileham






Matters Arising from Actions 20 October 2015

Morebattle Development Site

SBC Cllr Nicol reported that the maintenance for the hedge and the core path hedge would be dealt with by SBC. He also asked what the Community Council wanted done with the trees. A discussion followed and a vote was taken in favour of removal of the trees.






SBC Cllr Nicol


Linton Road Bridge

Carried forward to next meeting as SBC Cllr Mountford absent.




Sports Success

Cllr McEwan asked to add to the website the recent sporting success of local family in curling and also the success of Morebattle School Equestrian Group.




Cllr McEwan


Community Council Notice Board

Carried forward to next meeting as Cllr Pederson absent.




SBC Neighbourhood Operations review – Morebattle Public Toilets.

Cllr Bell had emailed SBC Officer Alistair Finnie and a reply had been sent to all (see email of 5 November where Mr Finnie mentions a Cheviot Area Forum meeting on 9 December where the public toilets will be discussed). Cllr McNulty will attend this meeting and report back.










Cllr Halliday reported that signage issues are still ongoing.  Cllr Edgar said he would try Cheviot Graphics for pricing one sign and then possibly four.

Cllr Halliday also reported that Jayne Horton was willing to do more training in January for anyone who wished. Cllr Halliday also mentioned no thank you letter has gone to Jayne.  Cllr Mabon would chase this up with Secretary.




Cllr Edgar






Morebattle Archive

Add to next agenda as the Archive group due to meet on 18 November.





Local Community Paths SBC Funding





Gift of Public Bench, Morebattle

Secretary to send letter of thanks.




Morebattle Street Names

Cllr Bell had met with Graham Irvine. Application as previously agreed and a cost sheet issued (around £1200). Also still to meet with Susan Bevan – this is ongoing.

Cllr Bell also mentioned that a member of the public had asked her about getting a “T” sign at the top of the village at the entrance to Heughhead/Old School Gardens as numerous motorists are turning along this road and as it is a dead end and the sign saying “No Through Road” is halfway along this road, they are already committed and there is no place to turn and traffic then has to reverse back. Cllr Bell said she would mention this when already involved with signage.











Cllr Bell


Q & A with Police Scotland Kelso Community Officer, Suzanne Howgego

Sgt Howgego was welcomed to the meeting.

Cllr Mabon gave a report of a recent traffic incident on the A68. Sgt. Howgego noted that the incident was in Jedburgh District and that she could not comment on it.

Cllr McNulty asked for an update on a bus-related traffic incident on the Morebattle/Yetholm road but as Sgt. Howgego was not involved she could not comment. Cllr McNulty said that the person dealing with it had been on long term sick leave and wondered what was happening re. the case.  Sgt. Howgego noted that the case was probably now in the hands of the Procurator Fiscal and could take a long time to progress. Cllr McNulty (Chair) thanked Sgt Howgego for her attendance.

(Since the meeting an email has been received from Sgt Howgego) 

















Association for the Protection of Rural Scotland – Proposal for a Cheviots National Park

Following discussion SBC Cllr Nicol proposed that a meeting with Yetholm Community Council might be a good idea.




SBC Cllr Nicol


Morebattle Archive

See item 3g





·  Salt Bin at Buchtrig
Action completed by SBC Cllr Nicol,



Items for Circulation Folder

The original folder has not been located. Agreed that emailing everyone re. new circulation folder was a good idea. As Cllr Thomson was not present he was the last person to have the last month’s one.  Cllr Mabon would phone and ask re. its whereabouts and ask that he hand it in to Cllr McNulty.

·  Health & Social Care Integration Strategic Plan consultation, deadline 10 December 2015
This item per Secretary’s notes to Cllr Mabon could not be dealt with as 42 page hard copy document had not been received. Although there was correspondence relating to this in circulation folder documentation and Andrew McEwan would send out a copy re. email for all Community Councillors to go online to deal with this individually (He also suggested for future large documentation he could set-up a drop box shared folder).

·  SESplan Main Issues Report Comments Online

·  Scottish Borders Community Empowerment Conference, 21 November 2015

·  'Better Late Than Dead On Time' Road Safety Drama Performance 2016

·  Scottish Civic Trust Annual Conference, Linlithgow, 24 November 2015

·  Ready for Winter Campaign, Scottish Government Briefing

·  Public Involvement in Research Reporting , Invitation to Participate






Cllr Mabon









Cllr McEwan




Morebattle Carols

Cllr Mabon reported that Carols around the tree would be held on Sunday 6 December at 6.30pm in the Institute grounds with refreshments provided by Morebattle Guild. Collection for Queens House, Kelso. Bill Elliot would play accordion for Carols and Kym Cessford – Morebattle Games Queen would switch on the lights.

Cllr McNulty would liaise with electrician re lights.








Cllr McNulty


Items for Next Meeting Agenda

No December meeting.



Next Meeting

7pm Tuesday 19 January 2016, Village Institute, Morebattle.






  • Friday, 29 January 2016

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