Minute of Meeting of 19 April 2016

Kalewater Community Council

Minute of Meeting on Tuesday 19 April 2016

In the Village Institute, Morebattle

Present: Community Councillors; Eric McNulty (Chair), Barbara Bell, Catherine Mabon, Michael Scott (Secretary), Richard Pedersen, Andrew McEwan, Dot Halliday (Vice-Chair).

SBC Councillor: Simon Mountford.

Public: Nil





Community councillors; Matilda Hall (Treasurer), Pat Mileham, Neil Thomson, Tom Edgar.

SBC Councillor; Alec Nicol.



Minutes of Previous Meeting of 15 March 2016

The minutes of the previous meeting of 16 March having been circulated were passed as a true record of events.

Proposed: Cllr. McEwan; Seconded: Cllr Halliday.






Matters Arising from Actions 15 March 2016

Gift of Public Bench

In progress.





Morebattle Core Paths

Cllr Bell reported that locations for 3 of the 4 fingerposts should present no problems. Site at Well Brae to be researched.



Cllr Bell


Replacement Xmas Lights

Chair would complete a Quality of Life application soon and send to SBC Officer Alistair Finnie.





Graveyard Path

SBC Cllr Mountford had visited site and would meet SBC Officers Alistair Finnie and Diane Munro on site on 4 May. Issues to discuss include path work responsibilities and path extension to serve new burial areas





SBC Cllr Mountford


Community Resilience Exercise, Sunday 17 April 2016

Cllr McEwan reported that he had paid for a Facebook advert.

Cllr Pedersen reported that the event itself had gone well. Noted that there was an ongoing issue of community members who are not networked with neighbours particularly the disabled elderly.

Cllr Pedersen keen to pass Community Resilience responsibilities to a new volunteer.









Community Pub

See Item 4 on agenda.



Missing Circulation Folder

Uncertainty over who has the folder.




Morebattle Primary School Vegetable Garden Proposal




Planning Application




Defibrillator Training

Cllr Halliday reported that currently there was insufficient interest to justify a further training event.



Trees at Graveyard

Cllr Mabon reported that she did receive a reply from SBC Access Officer Neil Mackay. SBC Officer Neil Pringle responded that no action was required.

SBC Cllr Mountford would ask SBC Officer Diane Munro for her opinion at 4 May meeting.



Broadband improvements

Cllr McEwan reported that fast broadband was now available in Morebattle.



Morebattle Website




Community Pub

Cllr McNulty reported progress and that the Sub-Group had contacted the Big Lottery Fund. They had also met with Heather Batsch from The Bridge (formerly Roxburgh Assoc. of Voluntary Services), Jedburgh re. forming Kalewater Community Company. Once the group’s articles of association are agreed a public meeting will be organised and the company can also be registered at Companies House.

The Sub-Group had also met with the Scottish Government’s Community Right-to-Buy (CRtB) representative, in conjunction with Heather Batsch.

For a CRtB bid to progress >10% of community households must approve. A list of households is required (also useful for promoting public meeting).













Pub Sub-Group


Kalewater CC AGM 17 May 2016

Secretary reported that with one ongoing vacancy and 3 councillors (Cllrs Scott, reaching the end of their 4-year term there would be 4 places to fill at the forthcoming Kalewater CC AGM.

Secretary distributed Nomination Forms and KCC Nomination Posters.

Cllr McEwan would advertise on the Morebattle FB and website pages.









Cllr McEwan



·  Scotland’s Floral Gateway Competition And Community Awards 2016

·  Pension Wise Service

·  A Borders National Park? - update



Items for Circulation Folder

·  Safer Borders Newsletter March 2016

·  Southern Uplands Partnership, Spring Newsletter 2016

·  Live Borders - integrated sport, leisure and culture trust

·  MK Illumination UK Ltd (festive lighting supplier)

·  Police Scotland - Bogus Callers - Kelso Area 6 April 2016

·  Kelso Ward Police Report, March 2016

·  Scottish Borders Council Waste survey, deadline 15 May 2016
SBC Cllr Mountford noted that the survey follows on from a meeting between SBC Officers and Zero Waste Scotland. SBC’s Landfill site at Easter Langlee will close in 2019 and a new Waste Transfer station will be built to take waste outside the region. Everyone is encouraged to complete the survey as a new collection strategy is required. http://www.scotborders.gov.uk/wastesurvey

·  Scottish Borders Council Community Council Stakeholder Meeting, 15 March 2016

·  Police Scotland - Payment Diversion Alert 11 April 2016

·  Scottish Borders Museums & Galleries Guide 2016

·  Harestanes Visitor Centre events brochure 2016

No sign of Circulation Folder



















Queen’s 90th Birthday Celebrations

A beacon will be lit on Grubbit Law on Thursday 21 April.

Cllr Mabon reported that a group in Morebattle is organising a hog roast garden party for Sunday 12 June 2016, the Queen’s Official Birthday. Also bouncy castles.

Funding available from SBC up to £5k deadline 31 May with a 3-week response. KCC will be the grant-handling body.

Trees may also be planted between the Primary School and the 30mph signs courtesy of a generous offer by Woodside Walled Garden, Ancrum.






Items for Next Meeting Agenda

Kelso Laddie’s Visit, 19 June 2016



Next Meeting

Tuesday 17 May 2016, Village Institute, Morebattle.

AGM 7pm

Monthly Meeting 7.30pm






  • Tuesday, 17 May 2016

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