Minute of Meeting of 19 January 2016

Kalewater Community Council

Minute of Meeting on Tuesday 19 January 2016

In the Village Institute, Morebattle

Present: Community Councillors; Eric McNulty (Chair), Pat Mileham, Andrew McEwan, Barbara Bell, Dot Halliday (Vice-Chair), Catherine Mabon, Tom Edgar, Michael Scott (Secretary), Richard Pedersen, Neil Thomson.

SBC Councillors: Alec Nicol, Simon Mountford.

Public: 6





Community councillor; Matilda Hall (Treasurer).



Minutes of Previous Meeting of 17 November 2015

The minutes of the previous meeting of 17 November having been circulated were passed as a true record of events.

Proposed: Cllr Bell; Seconded: Cllr. Halliday






Matters Arising from Actions 17 November 2015

Morebattle Development Site

The new owners of the site were present and having introduced themselves, were welcomed to the meeting by the Chair. The owners noted that they would be happy to discuss issues regarding trees in the boundary hedge.






SBC Cllr Nicol


Linton Road Bridge

SBC Cllr Nicol noted that SBC officers are content with the existing signage. However he would enquire whether the top sign could be moved into a better position.



SBC Cllr Nicol


Sports Success

Cllr McEwan to add item to the Morebattle website.


Cllr McEwan


Community Council Notice Board

Cllr Pederson reported that with toughened glass the cost inc. delivery would be £53. The meeting agreed that he should proceed.



Cllr Pedersen


SBC Neighbourhood Operations review – Morebattle Public Toilets.

Chair attended the Cheviot Area Forum and a response from SBC was expected.





Cllr Edgar reported that signs for the units would be £12 each. Permission would be required from each of the property owners.

Meeting agreed that Cllr Edgar should proceed with acquiring the signs.

Cllr Halliday noted that the local trainer had offered more sessions but with 54 attendees at the first training sessions she considered that most participants had probably come forward. Cllr Mileham offered to put a form into the shop to gauge interest.

Chair also noted that Fire Stations offer free training in defibrillator use/CPR.





Cllr Edgar




Cllr Mileham


Morebattle Archive

See item under 8. AOB.



Local Community Paths SBC Funding

Chair noted that no work had been carried out to date in 2015/16




Gift of Public Bench, Morebattle

A letter of thanks would be sent to the executors if their details could be forwarded from SBC.





Morebattle Street Names

SBC Cllr Mountford noted that funding had been approved at the last Area Forum.

Cllr Bell noted that she would be meeting SBC Access Ranger Susan Kevan to discuss Core Paths. SBC Cllr Mountford also suggested SBC Access team member Mike Marsh.





Cllr Bell


Traffic Incident/Police

Chair noted that the issue was ongoing. 



Association for the Protection of Rural Scotland – Proposal for a Cheviots National Park

SBC Cllr Nicol noted that there was currently no official backing for the proposal and that SBC policy was based on cross-border collaboration with Northumberland National Park.



Circulation Folder

Not present – may have been left in shop. Reminder to all that folder should be left in café when it has completed its circulation.






Cllr McEwan to set up imminently.



Xmas Lights

See item 5.



Beirhope Woodland Creation Proposal, response deadline 1 February

Two representatives of neighbouring farms to Beirhope were present and noted that due to their representations to FCS the deadline for responses to the forestry proposal had been extended to 7 February. Although the original planting notification was summer 2015 the consultation had been patchy.

They were concerned over the scale of commercial planting proposed (70% of the farm and mainly to Sitka Spruce) and that it might create a precedent for further planting proposals.

SBC Cllr Nicol noted that the previous farmer at Beirhope had ‘improved’ the rough hill-land and that it was now reverting having been left for a couple of years.

SBC Cllrs Nicol and Mountford to check SBC Local Plan for any reference to Dere Street, etc.

Community council to forward comment to FCS following circulation.















SBC Cllrs Nicol & Mountford



Replacement Xmas Lights

Chair reported that there had been a number of problems with the lights and that their replacement was necessary.

Following much discussion in the local community a group would be set up to organise a tree and lights for 2016. Chair and Cllr Mabon would join the group.

Member of the public present suggested that fund-raising (coffee morning, etc) could generate £500 to help with the purchase.

SBC Cllr Mountford suggested that an immediate application to the SBC ‘Quality of Life’ fund might be successful if funds remain.

Xmas Lights to be on community council agenda for September.

Cllr Mabon reported that the Christmas Carols had raised £80 for Queen’s House, Kelso.














·  Register of Data Controllers certificate to 28 September 2016



Items for Circulation Folder

·  Cheviot Area Forum, 9 December 2015

·  Proposed Borders National Park website www.borders-national-park.scot  

·  Pub is the Hub presentation, Carfraemill, 20 January 2016

·  SESplan E-Bulletin December 2015

·  SBAlert

·  Details of Q&A session at Fairer Scotland: Community Councillor event, 16 September 2015

·  Kelso Police Report, November 2015

·  New Scottish Water Advert - Sampling your water and keeping customers safe from bogus callers





Morebattle Archive

Cllr Bell reported that the group now had a constitution and would continue as an independent group.






Caverton Mill bridge repairs

Cllr Thomson reported that the SBC work had caused little disruption.

SBC Cllr Mountford noted that SBC were looking at unrelated flooding issues in the locality and that he would liaise with Cllr Thomson




SBC Cllr Mountford


Road Issues

Cllr Thomson noted that the minor road from Old Caverton to Caverton Mains was in a poor state following flooding. A blocked drain which runs back to Caverton Mains may be implicated.




SBC Cllr Mountford



Cllr Mabon noted potholes on the Whitton road and at the top of the village, especially at the main junction. Contact SBC Officer R. Pattenden.




Cllr Mabon



Cllr McEwan noted that superfast broadband cabinets are imminent



Dumped Tyres

A member of the public passed on details of dumped tyres at Grubbit Bridge and up Kalewater valley. Tyres on private land were an issue for the landowner.



Items for Next Meeting Agenda



Next Meeting

7pm Tuesday 16 February 2016, Village Institute, Morebattle.






  • Monday, 16 May 2016

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