Minute of Meeting of 20 August 2019

Kalewater Community Council

Minute of Meeting on Tuesday 20 August 2019

In the Village Institute, Morebattle

Present: Community Councillors; Barbara Bell (Chair), Lesley Sunderland, Michael Scott, (Secretary), Catherine Henderson, Caroline Lang, Matilda Hall (Treasurer), Roddy Murray.

SBC Councillor Simon Mountford.

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Apologies: Tamzin Thomas, Tom Edgar.



Minutes of Monthly Meeting of 18 June 2019

Proposed Cllr Lang, Seconded: Cllr. Sunderland.





Matters Arising from Actions 18 June 2019


Cllr Lang confirmed that the shop planned to paint around the windows but no other part of the building frontage. Th notice board can be removed. Cllr Hall would get a quote for the noticeboard works.






Cllr Hall


Scottish Water treatment works

SBC Cllr Mountford would contact Scottish Water re. any plans to extend treatment works in Morebattle as they had not responded to emails from the community council




SBC Cllr Mountford


Morebattle Facebook page

Awaiting response from page administrator to amend group members.





Parking issues in Morebattle

Cllr Murray had spoken to residents but there was no progress to report. Large lorries continue to experience problems turning into Mainsfield Avenue from Main Street. Cllr Edgar is also pursuing a solution.



Morebattle rideout

Chair noted that an extra urn and teapots will be required for next year.

Chair thanked everyone who had contributed to a successful event.

£160 was collected for Riding for the Disabled.

Cllr Lang thanked the community council for passing on the invitation to the Kelso Laddies installation which was memorable although very rainy!





Morebattle Community Land acquisition

It was noted that an archaeological assessment of land by the Templehall Hotel would go ahead in September.




Proposal to co-opt: Siusaidh Hall, Old School House, Hownam, KELSO TD5 8AL
Elector number 20.000, polling district 8K
Proposed: Cllr Hall, Seconded: Cllr Bell

Siusaidh Hall was co-opted to the community council for the period up to the next AGM in May 2020. Everyone welcomed her on board.




Discussed under item 3a.



BT Payphone Consultation, SBC deadline 13 September 2019

Chair would contact SBC Officer Douglas Scott re. potential to swap existing modern phone box in Morebattle with a red one.

It was noted that although the SBC deadline was 13 September the BT deadline was 14 October

Secretary to contact SBC re. date of next KCC meeting on 17 September.









Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places

Morebattle and Hownam currently host polling places. Everyone agreed that the arrangements should continue.






·   Community Council Annual Support Grant 2019-20
Treasurer confirmed that the 2019-20 grant is £665.97. She also thanked the Yetholm and Morebattle Windfall Fund for a donation of £350 toward the cost of new defibrillators.

·   Kelso Medical Group Practice – Yetholm Branch Surgery Closure
Letter received from the Kelso Group practice with details of numbers now using the Yetholm surgery and reasons for closure. Community council concurred with the decision to close the branch surgery.



Items for Circulation Folder
In light of ongoing problems with the loss of the circulation folder the Secretary suggested that he circulate a monthly email of items to those who wished to read the material online

·   Scottish Borders Council update: Bedding plant, biodiversity and third-party land proposals
Uncertainty over ownership of piece of amenity land by the Morebattle phone exchange

·   Kelso and District Police Report, June and July 2019

·   Scottish Borders Food Growing Strategy consultation, deadline 16 October 2019

·   Scottish Land Commission seeks community views, deadline 30 September 2019

·   Carbon Literacy Training Event, Burnfoot Hub, Hawick, 23-24 October 2019

·   Drivewise sessions, Kelso, 15 August 2019

·   Scottish Borders Council: Cheviot Planned Works Programme 2019-20

·   Scottish Borders Council: Introduction of older peoples LAC service

·   Cheviot Area Partnership - Rural Transport discussion outputs from 19 June 2019

·   Scottish Ambulance Service - New Clinical Response Model

·   Tesco Centenary Grant applications

·   Big Bike Revival project funding

·   SESplan Strategic Development Plan 2 (SDP2)

·   Scottish Borders Council: Audit & Scrutiny Committee - Subjects for Review

·   Scottish Government Land Reform Factsheet for Community Councils













Walter Leitch fund

Chair noted that SBC contact had changed with Lucy Playfair now the contact.






Morebattle Toilets

Chair noted that two residents had cleaned the toilets this summer but that they were in a poor state. Cllr Sunderland to contact SBC Officer Fraser Dunlop re. potential refurbishment prior to any potential hand-over of the toilets to the community and also to request regular cleaning.






Cllr Sunderland



Chair noted that 10% of cost must be found by the community council if applying to SBC for a grant toward the cost.

Cllr Murray to show shop staff how to operate defibrillator.




Cllr Murray


Outdoor Access code

Cllr S. Hall requested information on the Scottish Outdoor Access code. Secretary to contact SBC Access Ranger for some leaflets.





Bank account

Treasurer reported that RBS no longer supplies cheque facilities for the community council main account but that the Special Account is unaffected.



Morebattle butchers new access ramp

Cllr Lang reported that some residents were unhappy with the appearance of a new access ramp at the butchers in Main Street. Secretary to check SBC E-Planning online for details of any planning application.







Planning Application 19/01177/FUL 3 Victoria Buildings, Teapot Street, Morebattle Retrospective: replacement windows and boundary fence

Retrospective application.

After discussion the community council agreed a response.

Concern about the impact on the historical character and integrity of the three properties and the walled garden affected. The fence and gate are causing access problems and potentially also safety concerns and should be replaced in a manner that is conducive to all the neighbouring properties and agreed by them all. A right of access has been compromised by the fence.













Linton Hall

Neighbouring property has new owners and this may enable easier access to the hall.



SBC new policy for active speed signs

SBC Cllr Mountford reported that SBC Executive committee had agreed a policy for flashing speed signs in communities. If a community perceives a need for a solar-powered sign in a 30mph or 40mph zone that is not supported by SBC’s evidence base then a community could purchase and maintain their own sign subject to SBC approval of its location, contractor, insurance and end-of-life disposal. Cost likely to be a minimum of £4000.



Linton Bridge parapet damage

Chair suggested reflective strips on the parapet following repair.


SBC Cllr Mountford


Items for Next Meeting Agenda

Morebattle toilets.




Next Meeting

7pm, Tuesday 17 September 2019, Village Institute, Morebattle.



Signed:                                                            Date:

  • Thursday, 19 September 2019

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