Minute of Meeting of 18 March 2014

Kalewater Community Council

Minute of Meeting on Tuesday 18 March 2014

In the Village Institute, Morebattle

Present: Community Councillors; Eric McNulty (Chair), , Michael Scott (Secretary), Helen Cessford (Vice-Chair), Andrew McEwan, Dot Halliday, Paul Grime, Richard Pedersen, George Aitchison, SBC Cllrs; Simon Mountford, Alec Nicol.

Public: Nil





Cllrs: Sarah Anderson, Matilda Hall (Treasurer), Sarah Dixon.



Minutes of Previous Meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting of 18 February having been circulated were then passed as a true record of events.

Proposed: Cllr Aitchison; Seconded: Cllr Cessford.






Presentation from Scottish Ambulance Service (Bryan Findlay, Community Resources Development Manager, SE Scotland)

Public Access Defibrillators (PADs) carry a green sign with a heart logo.

A PAD can be used within 5 minutes of cardiac arrest. Without use of a PAD, survival falls 10%/min.

Most cardiac arrests outside hospitals take place at home and often in the toilet. Ambulance best response times are 14 minutes.

The Philips ‘HeartStart’ is used in ambulances and is almost maintenance free. The unit analyses heart rate to avoid shocking healthy patients.

The PAD needs to be stored somewhere warm so that battery is effective. A locked storage box is discouraged.

SAS is keen to have a memorandum of understanding with PAD hosts so that the location is known and state can be recorded in order that it remains in service. The cost of a unit is approx. £900.

Community councillors thanked Bryan for his very useful and informative presentation.




Matters Arising from 18 February Actions





CAB outreach due to start July/August for 90 minutes/month.









Hownam was not included in the previous Local Development Plan. SBC Cllr Nicol to investigate.


SBC Cllr Nicol


Cllr Pedersen attended. Communications system for community resilience is being updated.



Completed. SBC Cllr Nicol briefed the meeting on the seasonal aspect of pothole repairs.



SEPA responded quickly but the issue has now passed to Environmental Health.



Post Office Counters contacted Cllr Hall to apologise. Equipment is now working.



Reported to Eildon Housing.




·  Bus Service 81 Morebattle-Yetholm
Chair noted that he has travelled on the late Saturday service regularly and passenger numbers have averaged much higher than the ‘1’ quoted by SBC. The service has been extended to August 2014. SBC Officer John Dellow is to check the bus company’s passenger records.

·  CAB outreach project
Presentation at April KCC meeting.



Items for Circulation Folder

The Secretary summarised some of the items going into the new circulation folder as listed on the agenda.

·  Scottish Borders Policing Plan 2014-2017

·  Kelso & District Police Report - February 2014

·  Fifth Review of Local Government Electoral Arrangements

·  Community Energy Scotland Members' Bulletin February 2014

·  Community Council Scheme Consultation, deadline 30 April 2014

·  Scene Consulting – supplier information

·  Armed Forces Day Grant Scheme

·  Road Closure - B6396 Potsclose near Kelso
Secretary to forward roads emails from SBC to all KCC councillors

·  Joint Kelso Paths Group and Community Woodland Group meeting, 25 March

·  Community Energy Scotland Members' Bulletin February 2014

·  Home Energy Scotland:  Benefits Check follow-ups; Green Homes Cashback closing

·  Skill for life - Advanced driving courses

·  NHS Borders Clinical Strategy Consultation
SBC Cllr Nicol updated the meeting on moves to integrate NHS and SBC’s Social Care services.

·  Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005: Scottish Borders Local Licensing Forum

·  The Bridge (RAVS) newsletter, February 2014

·  Safer Borders Newsletter, March 2014

·  Wooler Wheel Borderlands Cycle Challenge

·  SBCCN meeting, 27 March 2014




















Cllr Hall had asked for feedback on organising an independence referendum meeting. To be discussed at April meeting.



Cllr Hall


SBC Cllr Nicol updated the meeting on the development site in Morebattle.



Cllr Hall was unhappy with aspects of the community resilience salt bin.



Cllr Halliday requested handrails at the steps to Linton kirk.



Cllr Cessford had not received a positive response from SBC re. bus stop road markings.



Cllr Aitchison asked whether there was electricity available to the former BT phone box for a potential defibrillator store. Cllr Grime to investigate, and also look into solar PV supply.



Cllr Halliday raised problem of poor parking in Morebattle at Mainsfield Av / Main St junction. SBC Cllr Mountford to investigate.

SBC Cllr Mountford


SBC Cllr Mountford reported that he had met with SBC Access Officer Neil Mackay re. Dere Street issues. As the site is a scheduled ancient monument drainage is not an option but addition of gravel to raise the surface is possible. Negotiation with Roxburghe Estates ongoing.



Items for Next Meeting Agenda

CAB presentation, AGM preparations



Next Meeting

Tuesday 15 April 2014 at the Village Institute, Morebattle.



Meeting concluded at 9pm.






  • Thursday, 21 August 2014

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