Minute of Meeting of 20 September 2016

Kalewater Community Council

Minute of Meeting on Tuesday 20 September 2016

In the Village Institute, Morebattle

Present: Community Councillors; Eric McNulty (Chair), Barbara Bell, Catherine Mabon, Michael Scott (Secretary), Matilda Hall (Treasurer), Dot Halliday, Richard Pedersen, Andrew McEwan.

SBC Councillor: Alec Nicol.

Public: Nil





Community councillors; Neil Thomson, Caroline Lang, Tom Edgar.

SBC Councillor: Simon Mountford.



Minutes of Previous Meeting of 16 August 2016

The minutes of the previous meeting of 16 August having been circulated were passed as a true record of events, bar a typo on p3.

Proposed: Cllr McEwan; Seconded: Cllr Mabon.






Matters Arising from Actions 16 August 2016

Xmas Lights

Cllr Mabon and Cllr McNulty reported that £800 assistance will be forthcoming from Scottish Borders Council.

Treasurer raised communication issues on the project. Cllr McNulty explained that the grant matched the estimate obtained for the proposed work.






Awaiting path update from SBC Cllr Mountford.

Cllr Hall to take a look at trees and hedge.


SBC Cllr Mountford

Cllr Hall


Community Pub – room hire expenses

Cllr Mabon passed £80 bill to Treasurer.




New KCC member




Planning Application.




Morebattle Mains Traffic Problems

No update from Cllr Edgar.

Cllr Hall had spoken to builder who was certain that traffic delays had not exceeded agreed limits. One more delivery still to be made.



Morebattle PS Headteacher - introduction

Chair introduced Adam Lindsay, Morebattle Primary School’s new temporary headteacher. Mr Lindsay explained that he was keen that the school interacts with the community and community councillors were welcome to visit for a chat.

Split between two schools, on Wednesdays and Thursdays he is at Morebattle and at Yetholm on Mondays and Tuesdays. On Fridays he splits his time between the two school assemblies.

The school has made one farm visit recently.

Cllr McEwan raised issue of dog-fouling on the school playing field. SBC Cllr Nicol suggested he contact SBC Cllr Patterson as he deals with this issue.

Mr Lindsay noted that Morebattle PS was not on the list, with a roll of 54 and positive projected intake.

Everyone thanked Mr Lindsay for his presentation.












Cllr McEwan


Consultation on removal of public payphones

Chair read through the BT criteria for payphone retention.

Noted that Hownam has no mobile coverage; Morebattle meets most criteria and Cessford is used by St Cuthbert’s Way walkers.

Contact SBC Officer Douglas Scott who is working to retain the max. number of payphones in the region. Contact BT for usage statistics.









·  Data Protection registration - Renewal confirmation ICO:00043508253





Items for Circulation Folder

·  RCGP Scotland GP of the Year Award

·  Invitation to ‘Buurtzorg in the Borders’ NHS Event, Coldstream Community Hall, 29 September 2016

·  futureKELSO AGM
SBC Cllr Nicol noted that the group was becoming more active again.

·  Roxburghshire & Berwickshire CAB AGM invite, 4 October 2016

·  Campaign for a Scottish Borders National Park: Tourism paper
SBC Cllr Nicol noted that there had been some concerns raised over use of statistics in the group’s tourism paper.
Group could be invited to KCC in January 2017.

·  Kelso Ward Police Report, August 2016

·  Police Scotland - BT Phone Call Scam 22/08/2016

·  Scottish Borders Local Housing Strategy consultation, deadline 31 October 2016
















St Aidan’s Church

Cllr Pedersen reported that the roof works had now been completed.



Queen 90th Birthday Celebration Trees

Chair and Cllr Hall to agree locations for gean and rowan trees. Budget of £75.



Chair, Cllr Hall


Community Company

Chair noted that there would be an announcement soon.



Community Council Code of Conduct

Secretary and Chair reminded everyone that in light of two unconnected issues at the September meeting, that community councillors must abide by the Code of Conduct, in this instance in relation to the community council’s political neutrality and to acting courteously toward visiting guests.








Cheviot Area Meeting

SBC Cllr Nicol reported that the most recent meeting received a very interesting police report and that it would go into the Circulation Folder.




SBC Cllr Nicol


Footpath Alternative to Road in Morebattle

Cllr Hall is progressing the issue.



Linton Mill Bridge

SBC Cllr Nicol will try to progress issues related to the narrowing of the road at the bridge.

SBC Cllr Nicol


Mainsfield Avenue Parking

SBC Cllr Nicol noted that there was little that could be done re. access for parking.



Items for Next Meeting Agenda

Local Housing Strategy consultation



Next Meeting

7pm Tuesday 18 October 2016, Village Institute, Morebattle.







  • Friday, 11 November 2016

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