Minute of Meeting of 17 November 2020

Kalewater Community Council

Minute of Meeting on Tuesday 17 November 2020

Online via Zoom

Present: Community Councillors; Barbara Bell (Chair), Matilda Hall (Treasurer), Roddy Murray Lesley Sunderland, Michael Scott, (Secretary), Catherine Henderson, Caroline Lang, Tamzin Thomas, Tom Edgar.

SBC Councillor Simon Mountford

Public: Nil




Apologies: Siusaidh Hall, SBC Councillor Euan Robson



Minutes of Monthly Meeting of 18 February 2020

Proposed Cllr Murray, Seconded: Cllr. Lang.





Matters Arising from Actions 18 February 2020


Walter Leitch Fund Update

Chair reported that 7 further education and undergraduate students have been supported, including 2 through the Henderson award.

Jedburgh Grammar School nominated one student.

The teaching institutions were mainly Scottish but with the rest of the UK and overseas also represented.

No responses from Earlston or Kelso HS (eligible for Henderson award which isn’t limited to former Morebattle PS pupils only).

Two unused Henderson awards will therefore be rolled forward.













Morebattle Toilets

SBC Cllr Mountford reported that 15 of SBC’s public toilets have re-opened since the lockdown in Spring, but the remaining toilets will remain closed. All the toilets require 3 cleans/day. A community group in Peebles has agreed to take over management of their toilets, with SBC supplying consumables and covering the cost of utilities. Yetholm CC and SBC are exploring a similar arrangement, with SBC looking at repairs whilst the community council will consider funding decorative improvements. Other communities are also in conversation with SBC.

Cllr Lang considered Morebattle toilets to be in too poor a state to consider re-opening. Cllr Bell noted that the toilets had nonetheless been in use throughout the period of lockdown because access can’t be secured. Cllr Murray considered that it would be a positive move if SBC could undertake improvement works.

SBC Cllr Mountford suggested making contact with SBC lead officer Jason Hedley. Chair to contact Jason for an online meeting.





















Road Maintenance

SBC Cllr Mountford noted that work planned for the Spring had been delayed by the COVID-19 situation.




Chair noted that the firmware for the new units can be updated via DVD. Cllr Henderson to store the relevant materials.






Xmas Carols

Cancelled this year due to COVID-19 restrictions. Members of the community will install a tree which Kalewater CC will purchase.



Morebattle Rideout 2020

Chair had thanked member of the local community for their assistance in putting together an online presentation on the Trysting tree.

SBC Cllr Mountford noted that for 2021, SBC was currently advising groups to make preparation but without incurring any expense.




A Morebattle resident had been in touch with the community council regarding large amounts of dog dirt in the cemetery, where dog access is allowed. Chair to discuss the issue with the new minister, including missing signage from cemetery gate.







Cllr Murray reported that the item was ongoing.


Cllr Murray


Gateschaw Bell





Resilience Group

The community council thanked the Resilience Group through Cllr Murray for all their work during the past eight months; collecting medicines, shopping and … hedgehogs. A very useful service for the more isolated members of the community.



Bob Pringle Award




Covid-19 impacts and resilience

Chair was unaware of any virus cases locally.

Cllr Murray noted that he would standing down from the Resilience Group as soon as a replacement could be found. Currently the Group is delivering a small number of prescriptions. The Group has sufficient funding and has had various items of equipment from SBC including snow shovels, a grit-spreader and hi-vis clothing.



20mph limits, SBC Survey for Community Councils

The current 18-month trial for villages and towns is being monitored. The community council had received a survey to complete.

20mph Community Council Questionnaire Response 1 Nov 2020

Question 1

Are you aware of the trial 20mph project currently being rolled out in the Scottish Borders


Question 2

Has inappropriate traffic speed through your community been a problem in the last 5 years?

Raised from time to time

Question 3

Please detail any speeding concerns your CC had prior to the roll out of the 20mph trial

                Residents in Mainsfield Av, Morebattle had requested stricter speed limits

Question 4

Please describe any benefits you believe may become apparent due to the 20mph trial

                Increased safety around Morebattle PS for students and staff. Also, safer conditions for walkers, cyclists. Narrow pavements in Main St, Morebattle results in pedestrians and mobility scooter users often having to use the road.

Question 5

Please identify any specific locations where you believe compliance with the 20mph speed limit may be particularly challenging for drivers and why:


Question 6

Overall, do you consider the principle of a roll out of 20mph speed limits to replace 30mph speed limits to be:

              Great idea


Secretary to forward responses.










































Scottish Borders Local Development Plan: Proposed Plan, consultation deadline 21 January 2021

Chair to provide a poster for shop.

Notable items for Morebattle included a small tweak to the boundary of the industrial area, protection for the school playing field and an extension of land at Renwick Gardens for 20 housing units, which would require expansion of the Scottish Water works.

Comments on the plan to the secretary ASAP.











Planning matters

Alterations and extensions to dwellinghouse, Carsaig Teapot Street Morebattle TD5 8QH
20/01330/FUL Alterations and installation of roof light, 1 Victoria Buildings Teapot Street Morebattle TD5 8QJ

The community council was unanimously content with both applications.


















Jubilee Bridge footpath boardwalk

Boardwalk is damaged, probably due to livestock. SBC Access team to be alerted, as it is part of a Core Path.







Items for Next Meeting Agenda




Next Meeting

7pm, Tuesday 19 January 2021, online via Zoom.



Signed:                                                            Date:

  • Thursday, 21 January 2021

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