Minute of Meeting of 16 February 2021

Kalewater Community Council

Minute of Meeting on Tuesday 16 February 2021

Online via Zoom

Present: Community Councillors; Barbara Bell (Chair), Matilda Hall (Treasurer), Lesley Sunderland, Michael Scott, (Secretary), Catherine Henderson, Caroline Lang, Tamzin Thomas.

SBC Councillor; Simon Mountford.

Public: Nil




Apologies: Siusaidh Hall, Tom Edgar, Roddy Murray



Minutes of Monthly Meeting of 19 January 2021

Proposed Cllr Hall, Seconded: Cllr. Lang.

Two corrections to draft minutes were made.




Matters Arising from Actions 19 January 2021


Morebattle Toilets

Toilets are now locked and secured.

Chair has updated VisitScotland who have requested more details.







Winter Weather

Chair noted thanks for the work of SBC staff operating gritters and snow ploughs during the recent wintry weather.



SBC guidance for community council AGM and nominations 2021

The next AGM is likely to be held in August 2021, the first since May 2019. Not currently known when and if face to face meetings will resume.

Secretary noted that the community council currently had 10 community councillors for the 12 positions available. A total of 6 community councillors would reach the end of their tenure in 2021 (Cllrs Scott, Matilda Hall and Siusaidh Hall from last year’s delayed AGM and a further three this year; Cllrs, Lang, Murray and Thomas).

Both Cllr Scott (Secretary) and Cllr Matilda Hall (Treasurer) had decided to not seek renomination. Cllr Scott would leave in May 2021 and Cllr Hall in August 2021.

The community council would be seeking to fill eight vacancies at the August AGM but would need a new secretary from May and a new Treasurer from August.



















Kelso Laddies Association had been in touch to confirm that there would be no civic week celebrations and ride-outs in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.








Primary Schools

Chair noted a report in the Southern Reporter re. a review of smaller primary schools. It was noted that Morebattle PS currently has 3 classes with over 50 children but that any new house-building as a result of changes in the Local Development Plan could increase that number.


Scottish Borders Area Partnership attendance

SBC Cllr Mountford noted that Kalewater CC could attend Area Partnership meetings, as they are now held online via MS Teams. Cllr Henderson had attended meetings in 2019 and was happy to resume. SBC Cllr Mountford to ask Clare Malster to get in touch with Cllr Henderson.

Covid-19 vaccinations

Cllr Thomas wished to recognise the smooth operation of the vaccine deliveries at the Tait Hall in Kelso. SBC Cllr Mountford reminded everyone that if individuals hadn’t been contacted for a vaccination and thought that they should have been, that they contact their GP to make arrangements.















SBC Cllr Mountford


Items for Next Meeting Agenda

Replacements for Secretary and Treasurer posts.



Next Meeting

7pm, Tuesday 16 March 2021, online via Zoom.



Signed:                                                            Date:

  • Wednesday, 31 March 2021

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