Minute of Meeting of 21 May 2019

Kalewater Community Council

Minute of Meeting on Tuesday 21 May 2019

In the Village Institute, Morebattle

Present: Community Councillors; Barbara Bell (Chair), Lesley Sunderland, Michael Scott, (Secretary), Catherine Henderson, Caroline Lang, Tamzin Thomas, Matilda Hall (Treasurer), Roddy Murray, Tom Edgar.

SBC Councillor Simon Mountford

Public: Nil




Apologies; none.



Minutes of Monthly Meeting of 16 April 2019

Proposed Cllr Henderson, Seconded: Cllr. Lang.





Matters Arising from Actions 16 April 2019

Walter Leitch Fund

Chair noted that the SBC contact officer has recently changed.



Bob Pringle Award

Chair has purchased gift and date and venue are arranged.



Circulation Folder

Folder has been found.




Jethart and Kelso rideout to Morebattle, 23 June 2019

Chair reported that speaker will be Martin Marroni. Contact details to SBC Cllr Mountford.

Cllr Thomas reported that steps have been repaired.

Chair to visit pub to organise refreshments for the band.

Kelso party to be contacted to check that they are content with proposal to collect donations in a suitable bucket. Cllr Murray suggested contacting Sainsburys in Kelso. There will be an announcement from the platform before the collection.

Chair organising volunteers for food production (Cllrs Hall and Henderson volunteered).

Dancers are arranged (community council pay for their services).

Cllr Lang attended the Callant’s Festival event at Jed Town Hall on 18 May and enjoyed it.








Morebattle village noticeboard

The village shop has requested that the noticeboard be repaired and renovated as it’s in a poor state. Cllr Henderson to speak to local artist re. sign painting.

Cllr Lang to speak to shop re. their plans for repainting the shop and whether the noticeboard could be included.

Cllr Murray suggested that names of community councillors should be added to the notice board with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. as the contact.




Cllr Henderson

Cllr Lang




·   Kelso Civic Week invitation, 17-18 July 2019

Cllr Lang to attend. Secretary to post invite.

·   Letter re. SBC Community Council review. Request for another Cheviot area representative for meeting in late August (probably SBC HQ).









Items for Circulation Folder

·   SUP Newsflash May 2019

·   Kelso and District Police Report, April 2019

·   Scottish Water Newsletter, May 2019
Still no response to email request for update on Morebattle waste treatment plans.

·   Scottish Government Short-Term Lets: Consultation, deadline 19 July 2019
Chair noted increase in Air BnB in Morebattle.

·   SBC consultation on drinking alcohol in public places, deadline 30 June 2019

·   Floral Gateway Competition 2019










KCC Facebook group

Request group administrator to update and remove group members to reflect current community councillors.






Ownership of small land parcels

Cllr Hall asked whether the small parcels of land associated with pre-20th century properties in Morebattle were public or private.

Cllrs Lang and Bell noted that the land was private and outside the remit of the community council.



Junction of Main Street and Mainsfield Avenue access issues

Cllr Edgar noted that there had recently been problems for lorries turning into Mainsfield Avenue due to vehicles parked on the white advisory lines.

SBC Cllr Mountford noted that the Police cannot always enforce yellow lines but that he would speak to SBC officers.






SBC Cllr Mountford


Path through field

Chair asked if there was an update on the pedestrian path through the field on the edge of the village. SBC Cllr Mountford reported that the landowner is costing path improvement which SBC would then respond to.



Items for Next Meeting Agenda

Kelso/Jethart Rideout 23 June.

Scottish Government Short-Term Lets: Consultation, deadline 19 July 2019.



Next Meeting

7pm, Tuesday 18 June 2019, Village Institute, Morebattle.



Signed:                                                            Date:

  • Tuesday, 20 August 2019

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