Minute of Meeting on Tuesday 15 May 2012

Kalewater Community Council


Minute of Meeting on Tuesday 15 May 2012

In the Village Institute, Morebattle

Present:  Community Councillors; Eric McNulty (chair), Margaret Lister (Treasurer), Helen Cessford (Vice-Chair), Sarah Dixon, Paul Grime, Matilda Hall, Andrew McEwan, Michael Scott (Secretary), Richard Pedersen, SBC Cllr Simon Mountford.





Cllrs George Aitchison, SBC Cllr Alec Nicol.



Minutes of Previous Meeting

It was noted that the names of Cllrs McEwan and Pedersen were missing from the list of those present. Secretary apologised for the editing error and would amend the minutes.

The minutes of the previous meeting of 17 April having been circulated were then passed as a true record of events.

Proposed: Cllr McEwan; Seconded: Cllr McNulty.




a. Secretary


Matters Arising from 17 April Actions



Cllr McEwan noted that the road at Linton Mill bridge can only accommodate one vehicle. SBC Cllr Mountford would look into any improvements that could be carried out.

b. SBC Cllr


It is hoped that Andy Maybury (Community Energy Scotland) will attend the KCC July meeting.

c. Secretary


No update.



Cllr McEwan noted that the proposed Environmental Partnership Agreement would include the Morebattle PS Parent Council and not the ‘Parent Teacher Council’ as previously recorded. Cllr Cessford would forward the community council’s copy of the agreement to Fiona Munro.

d. Cllr Cessford



Appears later in the agenda.



Cllr Grime reported that the panel has been printed and the frame is about to arrive. Expected to be £82 left in the budget for concrete.









To progress.



Cllr Lister awaiting Jubilee grant before buying paint (£80, copper colour) and a brass plaque (£52) from Blairs in Kelso.









Vattenfall Whitton Wind Farm update

Chair reported that Vattenfall now have a Memorandum of Understanding for each community council and are keen to see them signed off. The funding amounts would be index-linked from the date of signing the MoU. Chair asked if there were any objections from the community councillors present to him signing the MoU on behalf of the community council – there were no objections and Chair signed the document officially witnessed by Cllr McEwan.






Morebattle Interpretative Board update

Discussed under Item 3.



Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

Cllr Cessford tabled a note of activities planned around Morebattle including a treasure hunt, street party and a beacon on Monday 4 June. The wet weather alternative for some of the activities would be the Village Institute. £900 had been applied for from the Council’s Jubilee fund and Treasurer was expecting a response imminently.




  • SBC Public Consultation: Draft Supplementary Planning Guidance Mini Planning Brief – Renwick Gardens and West Renwick Gardens, Morebattle, deadline 6 July 2012
    Chair explained that the document is a template for developers and that there had been some concern locally over the contents. The issue would be on the agenda for the next community council meeting.
  • SBC Carbon Reduction Officer, Fiona Munro
  • Planning Application Appeal Hownam
    Cllr Dixon reported that the appeal had been successful but with many conditions on the developers.
  • Invitations (2) to Kelso Civic Week installation 18 July and to Ball 19 July and to Jethart Callant’s investiture 12 July.
    Anyone wishing to use the invitations should contact the Chair.




 e. Secretary




 f. ALL


Items for Circulation Folder

The Secretary summarised some of the items going into the new circulation folder as listed on the agenda.

  • Kelso Area Pathways Group Minutes 28 March 2012
  • Scottish Borders ElderVoice AGM notice, 23 May 2012
  • Kelso Police Report, April 2012
  • Cheviot Wardens Newsletter, April 2012
  • Road Closure - B6401 Yetholm to Morebattle
  • Lothian & Borders Police Board newsletter, April 2012
  • Rural Community Transport Networking Event, Dunkeld, 31 May 2012
  • SBC Shop Front Improvement Grant Scheme
  • Free Insulation: Councils roll out funding to insulate all suitable homes
  • Reshaping Care Bulletin March 2012
  • Scotland’s Floral Gateway Competition 2012, entry deadline 25 May 2012
  • Community Benefit / Investment Seminar, Ross & Cromarty 30 May 2012













  • Cllr Cessford tabled a ‘to-do’ list for the visit of the Kelso Laddie to Morebattle on Sunday 24 June. Chair would organise the lorry. Guest speaker at 2pm would be SBC Cllr Mountford and the master of ceremonies was hoped to be SBC Cllr Nicol. Chair is making arrangements for the pipe band so that numbers are known for the catering arrangements.
    Dancers would be from Morebattle PS and gifts would be organised for them.
    Cllr Cessford would welcome help for preparing food, tidying etc. Cllr Pedersen offered to help with tidying (4pm).
  • Cllr Scott suggested a group photo of Kalewater community councillors at the July meeting in Hownam – something for archivists of the future!
  • Cllrs Dixon and Grime reported on progress of the Kelso stakeholder group including a presentation on a public art proposal by Paul in his role as a public artist.
  • Cllr Pedersen reported on progress with the church building renovation with electricity now supplied and coffee available for visiting community councillors.


 g. Chair

 h. SBC Cllr

 i. Chair

 j. ALL

                                    k. Cllr Scott


Next Meeting 19 June 2012



Meeting concluded at 8.30pm






  • Tuesday, 15 May 2012

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