Minute of Meeting on Tuesday 15 November 2011

Kalewater Community Council


Minute of Meeting on Tuesday 15 November 2011

In the Village Institute, Morebattle

Present:  Community Councillors; Margaret Lister (Treasurer), Helen Cessford (Vice-Chair), Michael Scott (Secretary), Paul Grime, Matilda Hall, Sarah Dixon.

Public: 3





Eric McNulty (chair), Andrew McEwan, George Aitchison



Minutes of Previous Meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting of 18 October having been circulated were passed as a true record of events.

Proposed: Cllr Lister; Seconded: Cllr Dixon.






Matters Arising from 18 October Actions



Wreath was laid at Morebattle war memorial by two 4th year Kelso HS pupils, Jennifer Cessford and Robbie Di Lorenzo who had been on a battlefields study tour in 2011. The piper was Alison Fleming.






Progress as soon as possible.



Cllr Hall had met St Cuthbert’s Way development consultant  Vyv Wood-Gee re. design and potential location of SCW map board.



Secretary had response from SBC that there were no plans to resurface Morebattle Main Street.



Cllr McNulty had passed on concerns raised re. traffic speeds to local police officer Alex Warmington.



Don’t know.



Xmas lights ; 30m should be purchased.

Cllr McNulty


Cllr Dixon noted that SBC were repairing part of Heavyside Bridge and asked that the community council thank SBC.



Cllr Hall had now joined Morebattle Primary School PTC as she was keen to increase pupil access to cultural activities.



Don’t know.



Vattenfall Whitton Wind Farm update

Memorandum of Understanding re. wind farm community benefits had been received and would be circulated in advance of 20 December community council meeting.




Planning Applications

Application ref 11/01350PPP Erection of Dwellinghouse, land North West of Hownam Howgate Farmhouse.

The community council agreed that there should be ‘visual continuity with existing buildings’.
Application ref 09/01162FUL Re-consultation incorporating revisions of previous consultation, Vattenfall Wind Power Ltd, Land North And West of Whitton Farm Morebattle.

This was received on 27 October with a 10 November deadline.







Morebattle Interpretation Board Update

Cllr Grime noted that a professional writer was working on the text with a first draft due by 30 November. Once the text had been agreed it would be passed to the artist.

Treasurer noted that the community council had received £2275 for this project from the SBC Community Grant Scheme.



Scottish Borders Draft Local Housing Strategy (2012-2017) Consultation, deadline 20 December 2011

Unable to discuss this item as the strategy document was in the circulation folder which had not been returned in time for the meeting.






Secretary read through recent correspondence, some of which was placed in a new circulation folder.

·   Letter from G. Maitland-Carew, Lord Lieutenant of Roxburgh Ettrick & Lauderdale The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee 2012
Bunting from Royal Wedding 2011 may still be available.
Cllr Hall suggested forming a sub-group of Morebattle community councillors early in 2012 to progress a suitable event

·   Email from SBC re. ASCC training site

·   Zero Waste Scotland Community Engagement Fund

·   SBC Community Resilience Initiative
Contact SBC Officer Douglas Scott for more information.

·   Community Safety Play 'Better Late Than Dead on Time'

·   Update on SBC Tree Management Programme in Kalewater Community Council area

·   New Road Traffic Accident website

·   Margaret Kerr Unit Appeal (palliative care, Borders General Hospital)
Request poster from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

·   Association of Scottish Community Councils Event Survey

·   ElderVoice newsletter October 2011
Cllr Hall to request extra copies of newsletter.




                         Cllr Cessford









 Cllr Hall


Items for Circulation Folder

The Secretary summarised items going into the new circulation folder as listed on the agenda.

·   Cheviot & Berwickshire (South) Wardens’ Monthly Update, October 2011

·   Community Council Training – Planning and Scotland’s Zero Waste Plan, 26 November 2011, Hawick

·   Southern Upland Partnership News - Land Use Planning and Practice event

·   Energy Saving Scotland Update October 2011

·   Community Council Wind Farm Seminar, SBC HQ, Newtown St Boswells, 1 December 2011

·   Invitation to Planning Aid for Scotland Parliamentary Reception, 23 November 2011

·   Elder Voice newsletter, October 2011

·   SBC Anti-Dog Fouling Campaign

·   SESplan Strategic Development Planning Authority – Proposed Plan, deadline 19 December 2011


















  • Member of public asked whether there was any progress with finding a glass bottle recycling site. No progress to report since a Morebattle site visit from SBC officer earlier in the year. Currently no site has been identified as suitable
  • Cllr Lister noted that the fence from the cemetery gate was in need of repairs. Cllr Hall offered to contact the owner Mr Hurst.
  • Everyone thanked Cllr Cessford for chairing the meeting in Cllr McNulty’s absence.




 Cllr Hall



Items for Next Meeting 21 December 2011

Vattenfall memorandum of understanding for Whitton Wind Farm




Meeting concluded at 8.40pm






  • Tuesday, 15 November 2011

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