Minute of Meeting on Tuesday 16 March 2010

Kalewater Community Council


Minute of Meeting on Tuesday 16 March 2010

In the Village Institute, Morebattle

Present:  Community Councillors; Eric McNulty (chair), Helen Cessford, Michael Scott (Secretary), Keith Hanson, Cathy Mabon, Margaret Lister, Peter Tweedie, Margaret Blackmore, Andrew McEwan, George Aitchison.

2 members of the public.





Community Councillors Barbara Jackson, Mathilda Hall, Sarah Dixon, SBC Cllr Alec Nicol



Minutes of Previous Meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting of 16 February having been circulated, were then passed as a true record of events.

Proposed: Cllr Mabon; Seconded: Cllr Cessford.



Matters Arising



Cllr Dixon had tabled a note in her absence noting that there had been no issues re. prescription deliveries in Hownam.

Lloyds Pharmacy will leave prescriptions at Morebattle village shop.



Cllr Dixon had also left notes re. Kelso town centre traffic improvement plans, as discussed at the last stakeholder group meeting.

A public exhibition of the proposals will take place in Kelso in April. Proposals include: one-way road system, improved pedestrian facilities, new public toilets, improved bus waiting facilities.



KCC minutes for January couldn’t be left at the village shop due to IT problems



Cllr Hanson noted that there had no repeat of traffic problems in Morebattle since last meeting.



Creating a ‘Community Profile’

Agreed that the Innerleithen ‘Community Profile’ was a good example to follow. Innerleithen Community Council to be contacted to send a representative to give short presentation and answer questions for next meeting.





Glass recycling in Morebattle
Cllr Hall (not present) had asked why there were no bottle banks in the village.

Scottish Borders Council Waste Services to be approached for advice.




Morebattle Primary School events

Cllr Hall (not present) had expressed concern that Morebattle pupils would be holding their Easter service in Yetholm. Cllr McEwan (member of the Morebattle PS school council) noted that Morebattle and Yetholm schools now share the same management. Cllr McEwan and Cllr Cessford (also member of the school council) would pass on Cllr Hall’s concerns to the school council.

Cllr Hanson and Cllr Lister thought that the move to bring the schools closer together was a positive development.



Cllr McEwan & Cllr Cessford



Secretary read items listed on agenda.

·    Email from Scottish Borders Council re. change of bus operator for school bus service K13 ( Morebattle and Kelso)

·    Email from Scottish Borders Council re. closure of B6352 Yetholm to Kelso Road at Catchapenny 15 March for 2 weeks

·    Letter from SB Wardens re. attendance at community council meetings

·    Invite to Community Energy Scotland meeting, Hawick, 30 March 2010

It was noted that school bus service K13 was now provided by Seahouses-based Travelsure due to the previous provider losing the contract at short notice due to safety issues.



Items for Circulation Folder

The Secretary summarised items going into the circulation folder as listed on the agenda.

·    Safer Communities Newsletter

·    Email from SBC Cllr Alec Nicol re. www.scottishcf.org community advice website

·    VOMO II Poster

·    Scottish Uplands Partnership Spring Newsletter 2010

·    Scottish Borders Safer Communities Briefing March/April 2010

·    SB Wardens contact list

·    Kelso Area Pathways & Community Woodlands meeting notes 26 January 2010

The Secretary added two items:

·    Community services newsletter

·    Cheviot Hills Heritage Area map & booklet (the double-sided map would be put up in the village institute)

Chair to request more copies of the maps and booklets

















  • Chair noted that there would be a planning application appeal in public on 19 March re. site near Hownam School House.
  • Cllr Cessford noted that the Morebattle red BT telephone box had been badly damaged following a road traffic incident. The box is in a poor and dangerous state. Is BT aware of the incident.
  • Scottish Borders Council had begun replacing street lighting in Morebattle. There was concern that there had been no advance notice nor consultation on siting of standards. SBC to be contacted for information.
  • It was noted that there were potholes at Morebattle Tofts, near the Games field near Linton Mill bridge and a large gash in the road by the Corbet road-end (Kale valley). SBC to be contacted.
  • Treasurer noted that the community council’s bank accounts currently hold the following amounts:

Special Interest acct £285.80

Book acct                  £552.14

Playing Field acct      £509.58

  • Cllr McNulty would progress purchase of a strimmer.
  • SBC access officer Euan Calvert to be contacted re. need for path maintenance from Cliftoncote to shepherd’s cottage.












                            Cllr McNulty



Items for Next Meeting 20 April 2010

Kalewater Community Council elections 2010 (May). Membership list required.




Meeting concluded at 8.20pm.






  • Tuesday, 16 March 2010

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