Minute of Meeting on Tuesday 17 May 2011

Kalewater Community Council


Minute of Meeting on Tuesday 17 May 2011

In the Village Institute, Morebattle

Present:  Community Councillors; Eric McNulty (chair), Michael Scott (Secretary), George Aitchison, Paul Grime, Andrew McEwan, Margaret Blackmore, Helen Cessford, Matilda Hall, Sarah Dixon, SBC Cllr Alec Nicol. Public: 2





Community Councillors; Margaret Lister (Treasurer), Peter Tweedie



Minutes of Previous Meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting of 19 April having been circulated were passed as a true record of events.

Proposed: Cllr Hall; Seconded: Cllr Aitchison.




Matters Arising from 19 April Actions



Completed. Cllr Cessford reported that Anne Brown was happy to receive her Bob Pringle Award on 29 April. The Royal wedding event raised £87 in donations.



Completed and submitted. Chair noted that the Fire and Rescue Service consultation document was interesting.



Completed. Feedback provided to The Bridge on their tender



Awards for All application

Secretary apologised for lack of progress and would endeavour to complete it within a week or else call for assistance.



Kelso Laddie Visit

Morebattle visit is Sunday 19 June.

Invitation for two community councillors to attend the installation on Wednesday 20 July.

Cllr Cessford noted that there was too much food supplied in 2010 and would take it into account this year. Cllr McNulty organising refreshments.

A speaker is required for ‘welcome’. Cllr Hall to find one.

Dancers will be organised.



Cllrs Cessford, McNulty, Lister


                           Cllr Hall

Cllr Cessford



Secretary read through recent correspondence, some of which were placed in the circulation folder.

·   Scottish Borders Council Welfare Advisory Services Review
SBC Cllr Nicol noted that advice to Community Councils is included in the review and information is currently being collected.

·   Scottish Borders Council Common Good Investment Strategy Consultation, deadline 3 June 2011
SBC Cllr Nicol noted that the deadline would be extended by 6-8 weeks.

·   Scottish Borders Council Shop Front Improvement Grant Scheme 2011
Secretary to forward to Chair

·   Scottish Borders Council Salt Bin Trial

·   Lothian & Borders Police Community Questionaire
Secretary to circulate to all.












Items for Circulation Folder

The Secretary summarised items going into the new circulation folder as listed on the agenda.

·   Changeworks Training Courses

·   British Youth Concil Local Councillor Shadowing Award

Secretary to forward to Chair

·   Kelso Community Policing News, April 2011

·   Our Community Our Future (Scottish Community Foundation)

·   Kelso Community Woodlands & Kelso Area Pathways Joint Meeting Minutes 29 March 2011

·   Cheviot & Berwickshire (South) Wardens’ Update, April 2011

·   Rural Network - Village Hall and Community Building Networking Event, 5 July 2011

·   Scottish Borders Community Council Network Agenda (May) and Minutes (February)

·   Community Broadband Network News, May 2011

·   Association of Scottish Neighbourhood Watch Groups Newsletter, April 2011











  • Two invitations received to Jethart Callant Festival events on 7-8 July. Margaret Blackmore to attend and possibly Cllr Lister too.
  • Margaret Blackmore noted that following several years of maintenance problems with the SBHA rose beds at Heughhead, that local residents including herself, had a provisional agreement with SBHA to improve the beds and then pass them to SBHA for long-term maintenance.
  • Cllr Dixon noted that SBC may look at warning signs for drivers on the section of St Cuthbert’s Way at Corbet Tower.
  • Cllr Dixon to contact SBC Roads officer David Richardson re a traffic count in Hownam.
  • Cllr Grime updated the intrepretation board project including artists, writer, fabrication and funding application.
  • Cllr Dixon suggested looking into a Woodland Trust tree planting activity for the 2012 Queen’s Diamond jubilee.


 MB, Cllr Lister






  Cllr Dixon





Items for Next Meeting (following AGM) 21 June 2011

None tabled.




Meeting concluded at 9pm.






  • Tuesday, 17 May 2011

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