Minute of Meeting on Tuesday 20 April 2010

Kalewater Community Council


Minute of Meeting on Tuesday 20 April 2010

In the Village Institute, Morebattle

Present:  Community Councillors; Eric McNulty (chair), Michael Scott (Secretary), Keith Hanson, Cathy Mabon, Margaret Lister, Sarah Dixon, Margaret Blackmore, Andrew McEwan, Barbara Jackson, Matilda Hall, George Aitchison.

SBC Cllr Alec Nicol.

3 members of the public.





Community Councillors; Helen Cessford, Peter Tweedie.



Minutes of Previous Meeting

The minutes of the previous meeting of 16 March having been circulated, were then passed as a true record of events.

Proposed: Cllr McEwan; Seconded: Cllr Dixon.



Matters Arising



Innerleithen Community Council Chair, Ross McGinn is free to attend Kalewater Community Council’s June meeting to make  a presentation on the Innerleithen ‘Community Profile’.



SBC Waste Services has responded to the request for advice on placing a glass recycling facility in Morebattle. Cllr McEwan and Cllr Cessford will contact SBC Waste Services to arrange a site meeting.

Cllr Cessford

Cllr McEwan



Morebattle Primary School orchestra played at the Easter service in Kirk Yetholm then in Morebattle.

Cllr McEwan spoke to shared head teacher Linda McCall who would be happy to attend Kalewater Community Council meetings in the future to give updates on school activities.

Cllr McEwan to invite Mrs McCall to a future meeting.




                            Cllr McEwan



A few extra copies of the Cheviot Hills Heritage maps had been received. Cllr Hall to look at laminating two copies for mounting in the pub by the Post Office location. Community Council would cover costs. Questions over the feasibility of laminating anything larger than A3 size. Cllr McEwan suggested approaching Kelso Graphics.

Cllr Hall



Damaged BT kiosk has been removed but no indication as to whether it will be replaced. SBC Cllr Nicol has asked SBC Officer Douglas Scott to contact BT. BT are obliged to consult SBC if they want to permanently remove a kiosk. As the Coldstream-based milkman’s van had apparently caused the damage to the kiosk it was assumed that his insurance would cover the cost of reinstating the kiosk.



SBC Cllr Nicol


SBC had replied to concerns over new street lighting by stating that it was their sole responsibility to maintain street lighting and that the existing lighting required replacing



Email sent to SBC re. potholes.



Cllr McNulty noted that Ben Patterson is ill and wouldn’t be expected to cover any of the cost of purchasing new strimmer for the community council.



Cllr Cessford left a note (in her absence) to note that the trees by the cemetery had been cut back.



Whitton Wind Farm update

Colin Ormiston and Jeanette Thomson, representing Vattenfall, presented an update of issues around the proposed wind farm.

Vattenfall has yet to agree a company-wide Community Benefits Policy.

The planning application period for comments and objections has ended (can be viewed at www.scotborders.gov.uk). The MoD has objected, and meetings are taking place to see whether issues around seismic interference from the wind turbines affecting the MoD listening station at Eskdalemuir can be overcome.

A meeting with the SBC Archaeology Officer has also to take place.

On the issue of Community Benefit, Colin Ormiston had met with Fintry Renewal Energy Enterprise (FREE), which owns one of 14 wind turbines on a wind farm. Their turbine was added to an existing planned scheme and used the same bank loan as the rest of the wind farm. FREE pays maintenance costs on their turbine. The ownership model needs participation from both the company and the community and is  a lot of work. FREE do not recommend the model that they have used. After 15 years loan payments will be completed. FREE are now looking at how to deliver the financial benefits to the community.

On the issue of Community Profiling, Colin Ormiston noted that rural community development consultant Colin Roxburgh undertook research used in the Innerleithen Community Profile.

Some community groups have used LEADER funding to undertake  a profiling exercise. Vattenfall are keen to assist Kalewater Community Council with any profiling effort.

Community profiling may help to resolve the issue of agreeing the split of income between Oxnam Community Council and Kalewater Community Council.

Colin Ormiston noted that Vattenfall are producing a newsletter on community benefits and are keen to become involved in supporting benefits for the Morebattle community, eg sponsorship for the Morebattle Games.

The Chair noted that Kalewater Community Council representatives were very disappointed at the outcome of the last meeting with Oxnam Community Council representatives when the offer of an independent chairperson was rejected. KCC representatives are keen to progress discussion of community benefits now rather than after any planning consent.

Colin Ormiston noted that he had not had any separate discussions with Oxnam Community Council.

SBC Cllr Nicol noted that he could see no reason why there should be any connection between Vattenfall and efforts to undertake a community profile for the Kalewater area, but that he felt it was time to discuss community benefits.

Chair noted that negotiations need to involve more than just the community council.

Chair thanked the Vattenfall representatives for their contributions.





SB Warden service
SB Warden Mike Marsh presented the work of the service locally.

Mike Marsh and Phil Joyce cover the Cheviot area and are part of a 10-strong service across the Scottish Borders. Mike and Phil work early and late shifts and work with a number of agencies including the Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) unit. Wardens can issue fixed-penalty notices on dog-fouling. They can also act as ‘professional witnesses’ on issues such as noise nuisance, ‘boy/girl racers’ and vandalism.

Current issues include increasing instances of cannabis cultivation where domestic properties are rented for 6 months, stripped of their fittings and installed with lighting and heating for the 3-month growing period. Trafficked Chinese immigrants are often used to carry out the work for criminal gangs of SE Asian origin.

Mike Marsh noted that Crimestoppers is an independent charity (not part of the Police) which can be contacted anonymously and in confidence.

In answer to questions Mr Marsh noted that SB Wardens can only act against roaming dogs on Scottish Borders Council land.

The Warden service has to use identifiable vehicles for legal reasons.

From time to time other wardens can be brought into an area for dedicated ‘dog days’.

Other SBC staff may acquire the authority to issue fixed-penalty notices for dog-fouling in due course. Working dogs and horses are excluded from the legislation on fouling.

For neighbour nuisance issues there is a mediation service.

Mr Marsh will contact the community council again in 6 months to arrange a return visit.







Preparations for Community Council elections May 2010

Cllr Blackmore noted her intention to resign from the community council in May.

Cllr Hanson and Cllr Mabon noted their intention to retire, when they reach the end of their current 4-year term in May.

Cllr Cessford and Cllr Jackson will also reach the end of their current 4-year term in May.

Thus there will be 5 vacancies to be filled.

Three co-opted councillors (Cllr Dixon, Cllr Tweedie, Cllr Aitchison) need to be elected if they are to continue on the community council.

Application forms to be circulated as soon as possible with an application deadline of 12 noon, Monday 17 May. Forms can be collected from Jenny Flannigan, Parnassus, Morebattle (Tel. 01573 440234) and from the village shop. Completed forms must be returned to Jenny Flannigan.













Planning Applications

·    Erection of dwellinghouse Plot 2 Marchcleuch Farmhouse
Chair noted that the community council had previously submitted comments on the narrowness of the public road serving Marchcleuch developments.

·     Erection of dwellinghouse Plot 1 and Plot 2 Land South West of Morebattle Mains Farm Cottages, Morebattle

Paul Grime (Morebattle Mains Steading) noted that he had already commented on the application online and asked the Chair if he could repeat his comments for the meeting.
He was concerned that a number of trees and hedges had been removed in advance of the planning application being submitted. The original trees can be viewed on Google StreetView. Also there were existing problems of flooding at the Steading which could be exacerbated by the proposals. There were also existing problems around septic tanks which were not addressed in the application, whereas a recent successful residential development next to the steading had installed high quality waste treatment.
Cllr Mabon noted that she had been approached by other local residents regarding problems of the current septic tank overflowing.
Mr Grime asked that the community council object to the application and ask for the replacement of the felled trees. Both SBC Cllr Nicol and the Chair agreed that the community council should object.

·    Erection of dwellinghouse with attached garage and swimming pool, Plot 3 Morebattle Mains

It was noted that chlorinated waste water from a swimming pool would not be compatible with domestic sewage treatment and would probably require a soakaway.

·    Change of use of agricultural land to form of street, Land South of Morebattle Mains Farm Cottages, Morebattle

No comments.
















Secretary read items listed on agenda.

·    Audit of Volunteering and Community Activity for Volunteer Centre, Galashiels (completed during meeting)

·    Community Councils Insurance Cover 2010/2011

·    Renewable energy income generation meeting for community groups rescheduled to 7pm Thursday 22 April, Tower Mill, HAWICK

·    Floral Gateway Competition 2010



Items for Circulation Folder

Chair noted that the circulation folder was probably still in the village shop.

The Secretary summarised items going into the circulation folder as listed on the agenda.

·    Scottish Uplands Partnership Spring Newsletter extra

·    Youth Chex Grant Application Pack 2010/2011

·    Scottish Borders Elder voice Newsletter April 2010 & Notice of AGM 20 May 2010

·    Scottish Borders Council News Release ‘Borderers urged to get ready to vote’

·    Energy Saving Scotland newsletter 30 March inc. community energy surveys

·    Scottish Borders Master Composter Programme – events

·    Scottish Borders Community Energy Fair, 21 & 22 May, Galashiels

·    Strategic Development Planning Authority for Edinburgh & South East Scotland development plan scheme 2, April 2010

·    Lothian & Borders Outdoor Diary 2010

·    Harestanes Countryside Visitor Centre Events Programme 2010

·    Scottish Borders Council Museums & Gallery Guide 2010




















  • Cllr Hall noted that the proposed Red Cross First Aid session at the village hall had not generated sufficient participants to go ahead. Cllr Hall will try again with a new date.
  • Cllr Hall noted that community council minutes had not appeared in the village shop. Secretary noted that once minutes had been approved they were available to be circulated. The March minutes were now available, following item 2 on the agenda.
  • Cllr Hall expressed interest in Neighbourhood Watch for Morebattle.
  • Cllr Dixon asked if there was any news on a 19 April planning appeal in Hownam. No-one had any information.
  • Cllr Mabon asked for an update on bus service 81 and its timetable for ‘in-service’ teacher training days. Secretary read out letter of 24 March from SBC Passenger Transport Officer John Dellow stating that new contracts would include tighter conditions that should avoid recent problems.
  • Cllr McNulty noted problems with the 81 bus service being late into Kelso on a recent Saturday and missing the connection with the Edinburgh bus despite the timetable showing an 8-minute overlap. The bus driver was adamant that it was not a connecting service. Even went the 81 service meets the connection, it is usually very tight. Secretary to contact John Dellow.
  • SBC Cllr Nicol noted that if Vattenfall’s planning application gained consent quickly, then Kalewater Community Council would risk losing a strong bargaining position with respect to community benefits. In order to negotiate a good result quickly the Scottish Community Foundation could be brought in by the community council. SBC Cllr Nicol suggested that while Kalewater Community Council could negotiate, another new community body could manage the funding. While Vattenfall has initially suggested £2k/MW/annum, other schemes, such as in Highland region had managed to arrange £6k/MW/annum.
  • SBC Cllr Nicol noted that proposals for Kelso Town Centre were progressing with pilot traffic arrangements likely to begin in September and run for 3-6 months. There is likely to be higher quality street landscape materials, replacements for the old concrete flower tubs in the main square and improved seating. New toilets would be created from Shedden Park lodge. Cllr Nicol also noted that the archway was a memorial to Robert Shedden, created by his aunt, and had once included cannon.
  • Cllr Mabon felt that a police report to the Kalewater Community Council was overdue. There had recently been incidents requiring the involvement of considerable numbers of police at Mainsfield Avenue. Secretary to contact Lothian & Borders Police to request a regular update.




Cllr Hall




















Items for Next Meeting 18 May 2010 (following AGM)

Kelso Laddie

Scottish Community Foundation





Meeting concluded at 9.30pm.






  • Tuesday, 20 April 2010

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