Morebattle Archive Meeting

on Wednesday, 22 April 2015. Posted in News

Morebattle Institute - Sunday April 26th, 4pm

We shall be discussing the best way to keep records, and how we can do it.  We will be working out how to find some space for files and papers, objects and books.  We will be listing everything that the village currently owns in the Institute. We welcome any suggestions and any help.   Once a system has been set up, we are happy to receive information in any form or objects that are to do with the village.

We plan to hold a reference copy of every book that has been published by or about us or people who live very nearby, also to hold information that might be of use to any Morebattle dweller, incomer, visitor, researcher: i.e. books, pamphlets, images.

The people of Morebattle, as represented by Kalewater Community Council, intend to hold safe within Morebattle Institute in perpetuity any material relevant to its past, present & future.

While we might hope to have records on computer, not everybody has or has access to a computer so we will simply hold a card index system.  Something very basic like:

MAP1 or MAO1 standing for Morebattle Archive Paper 1, Morebattle Archive Object 1.  Beyond that might read exactly (as near as we can) what it is, what it represents and where it is, for example:

MAO 17

Silver Cup awarded to …. By the Morebattle Golf Club

dated 1996 (plus inscription)

Top shelf of cupboard extreme right.

Acquired April 2015

(And the history of the Morebattle Golf Club will be described and lodged in a file which will be called MAP 17 and on the cover will appear “see also MAO 17”).

At present nothing is written in stone, we can do this in any better way suggested. In short, we are looking for input from local people as to what they feel might be of interest to future generations.

We need help with the display of objects already in Neil Patterson’s beautiful display case. (I know that Eileen Wooodward [much missed] made good labels, so we hope to use these.) Please come on Sunday 26th April: we look forward to welcoming everybody.

Tea will be provided.