Kalewater Community Company: Public Meeting Summary Report

on Tuesday, 21 June 2016. Posted in News

Following the public meeting on Monday 13th June in Morebattle Village Hall we have compiled some of the points raised with further clarification.

  • Kalewater Community Council was approached by Mr. & Mrs. Black of the Templehall Hotel with a view to exploring the possibility of a bub buy-out.
  • The shop is not moving to the pub and this has never been discussed by the group.
  • The land which forms part of the package does have outline planning permission for one dwelling house.The condition of the planning permission is that the house can only be occupied by an owner or manager of the pub. Taking this planning permission further and developing the site with a House is not something that the Community Company is considering now or will do in the future.We see the land as being very much used as a valuable asset for everyone
  • There is no business plan at the moment because we are still in the very early stages as the whole process has to involve the community. It is not our place to present definitive plans at this point as the pub etc., is a community asset; it is up to the community to come together and help take the project forward collectively. As was pointed out it is very likely that the community will have new and exciting ideas as to how the project will develop and we want to hear these ideas.

Our next move is to compile a survey from your ideas which will be put to the Community.
If you have any ideas or suggestions that could be included in the survey, please let us know by FRIDAY 15TH JULY by e-mailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Many thanks to all who came along to the public meeting and to everyone for showing their support.

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